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You stand there looking at the phone as if it would ring just to break the spell of your stare.  From the lack of sleep, your eyes are bloodshot and red.  Not the vibrant red of your hair, but a tired color caused by  nerves and  anticipation along with more than a dash of worry.   The anticipation has become as consistent as the seasons of the year.  The worrying  is more taxing because of  its tidal nature while the nerves  being worn to a frazzle, have to be constantly anesthetized however possible.  It has all become so wearing on you.  These emotions are a shawl that however lovely, provides no warmth.  Though I wish to be of more help, it is to the point that all I can do is observe from outside your life’s window.  I cheer you on as well as I can, but often feel like a deranged monkey tossing poo at the ever persistent  problems in your world.   Keeping those chronic, crotchety, calamitous barrages at bay are only making you stronger for the final charge.  You may not see it now, but when the call finally comes, you will be glad you have prepared well.   The scent of victory is in the air, though you are still too busy keeping the wolves at bay to notice.  How surprised you will be when it is finished and you have succeeded  in your quest.   The ringing phone will snap you out of the nightmare of your current situation.  The bloodshot streaks in your eyes will fade and the red will become the flush of excitement in your face.


This portrait was created using a popular writing exercise developed by the late Wendy Bishop.


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