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Wine for two.

Her shoulders were as smooth as cannoli cream and against the ebony of her dress their vanilla luminosity bore witness to never having been kissed by the sun.  Her auburn hair, the rich red of a slow simmered marinara, often worn cascading down her back, was tonight twirled upward into twists and turns, who’s ends escaped freely,  curling into little smiles that graced her neck.  Her arms were slender and graceful as he watched her reach for her glass of golden chardonnay.  Tiny fingers intertwined slowly around the stem so not to detract from the coolness of the wine.  She would take small sips as to make time not feel so rushed and once again she waited, hoping against hope, that tonight the wait would not be in vain.  She seemed a sad and forlorn princess anticipating the arrival of  her prince, who as seemed to be , was consistently errant. Over and  again she would be disappointed.

She would arrive promptly at 6:45 always dressed to the nines as if to make a point:  Somebody Special has arrived.  Sitting at the intimate table, she would order a bottle of wine, with glasses for two, and would have it poured for her by Mario, her ever vigilant waiter, in anticipation of an eminent arrival.   Seven would come then seven fifteen.  Her head at first held high would slowly begin to dip but never did a sigh of melancholy escape from her lips.  At seven thirty she would slowly rise and disappear into the night,  leaving only an empty glass, a folded napkin and a crisp bill to pay for her intrusion, as proof that she ever been there at all.

Every night for the first week  the diorama had played out and  Mario had watched while he waited on her. She tried to maintain the valiant facade of retaining her dignity.  Her belief that her prince would come was empowering her but it was only a matter of time before reality would raise it’s ugly head and truth would have to be faced.

She never spoke a word to Mario, other than to order the wine.  Perhaps she was afraid if  words were to allowed to trickle from her lips,  then questions would ensue, ones whose answers would allow the tears and frustration to flow even more freely.

At the start of the second week,  he had begun playing the game with her.  Never speaking, but in a show of solidarity, Mario began bringing small antipasti dishes to the table.  Just enough for two.  A showing of camaraderie that indeed she would soon be joined by the fantasy prince.  While she never acknowledged them, never once reaching out for a taste, the shared belief  of his imagined support became like fuel to her fire.

Soon she came to think of the little plates, as gifts, offerings to keep the promise alive.  He on the other hand, knew that they were only bribes, designed to lure her to return, so that when her eyes finally cleared, perhaps she would see him as her prince.  The one never having to arrive, the one that had been there all along.

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Daily Challange

Pip, her English Bulldog, was her biggest fan. Patiently he would sit at her feet, every morning at coffee time, and gaze at her fervently with what to her seemed to be a look of perpetual anticipation. This was however the same look that he gave her when she opened a can of his favorite food, so she never was quite sure of his true feelings. She pretended that he believed in her and that any day his love would propel her and her muse to do great things.

She opened up the laptop and quickly went to the Fabulous-Fifteen site. What would be the prompt today, she thought. Would this finally be the day that an edgy idea would propel her writings into something of real substance? Never knowing where her words were taking her once she started, she often felt as if she had been lost in a fog when her timer bell, a shrill banshee screaming her 15 minutes of creation time were over, went off. Usually she had something that was readable, but publishable, well that was another whole bridge over which she feared to cross.

Every morning, well save the one’s on which she was just plain lazy, she sat at her desk and pretended that she could write. She had read somewhere that creating a short story or even a novel, was easier that these mini-flash creations. She found that hard to fathom, yet in the back of her mind as well as at the bottom of her soul, she wondered what would happen it she set the timer for an hour or even longer. Nope, nope…that wasn’t gonna happen today. The screen flashed at her and fingers arched stiffly over the keyboard. Oh no, she thought, looking at the prompt, “I have to write about being a struggling artist !” Panic began to rise in her throat, until she heard Pips soft wheeze of encouragement from her feet. As she exhaled a heavy sigh, a calmness wafted over her as did her Muses’ shawl of creativity. Into the mists she began to feel her way, knowing it was not far to the end of her Fifteen minutes of fame.

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Character Challenge: The Struggling Artist
Rules: (1) write whatever comes to mind; (2) include an animal named Pip

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