Another Tiny Gift

10 Aug

Another gift.  It was not that she didn’t appreciate them.  She knew they came from the heart but enough was enough.  Fine feathers, trinkets like ivory, little parcels of surprise.  They all magically appeared beside her bed almost every morning.  She had to rise carefully, watching where she stepped, as sometimes the gifts would  have fallen  from the nightstand where they had been lovingly placed.  Delicate things would smush easily under foot, oh, how she knew that well.

He would sit in the corner chair and watch  her rise with a look of anticipation  on his face.  He always waited patiently  for her to acknowledge the gift that he had brought in the night.  His love was infinite as she had captured his heart from the moment that he had laid eyes on her.  She was his and he was hers and the gifts only stood as a reminder of that committment.

 She could hear his soft hum from the corner of the room and she knew by the sound that indeed he had delivered another gift.  She delicately eased from the bed carefully placing each toe as to not displace any surprise.  She glanced to the nightstand and gasped in awe at his latest present.   She loved him dearly, but she so deeply wished that he hadn’t gone to so much trouble for her.  He really didn’t need to prove anything,  it seemed a minor character flaw, one of self-doubt,  an almost undeniable need of his to bring her tokens of his love . 

Gathering a tissue, she gently wrapped his latest offering.  Walking to the chair, she gave his head a gentle stroke, then placed the latest treasure in a box to be buried out back with the rest…….but after her first cup of coffee.

 Friday’s Foible

Include reference to a minor character flaw or eccentricity, or just use the word Foible. As always you can make this a Free-for-all Friday as well. 

 — — — —

What can you create in ten minutes?

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Posted by on August 10, 2012 in Flash Fiction, Southern Humor


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