Normal being Relative.

03 Aug

Molly was down in the basement.  No phone signal..and slow internet. Wafting aromas from the cafeteria floated by periodically yet in between the good smells she often caught what seemed to be an odor of something long gone bad.  “Rotting trash”, she thought hopefully.  “No, something much worse” she recognized with a sigh.  Molly had smelled that odor before in her own home.  Something evil-like coming up thru the vents in the floor perhaps?  She shuddered.  Buried bodies could be so very problematic.

Staff members came and went, wanting to meet with her to update their annual benefits.  The HR department had stuck her way back in this hole, having to keep everything private with those damn Hippa laws.  Not that she was claustrophobic, she just didn’t like windowless places.  Fluorescent lights casting shadows along the hallway didn’t help the atmosphere either and of course her guilty conscience only amplified the possibilities of just what could be lurking, somewhere..near..perhaps right around the corner?  God, she hated when her imagination started running amok on her.

She believed that the morgue was located in the basement of a hospital, or at least that is what they showed on TV.  “Didn’t freezing bodies eliminate odors?”  she thought. Surely they had a big enough generator here that problematic situations like a brown out would eliminate the need for plastic wrap and duck tape, which she had inadvertently discovered really didn’t work as well as one would think.

She looked at her watch and realized that quitting time was fast approaching and even better it was Friday.  She had plans again this weekend.  First, drinks and good times with  friends down at the new little pub that advertised Happy Hour Specials.  Her cohorts would be there, both ones that she liked and now with the exception of one, the others that she didn’t (those that were not so very nice to her.) 

She knew that talk would be about Harriet, the missing co-worker.  Speculation always ran rampant, especially when alcohol was part of the conversation.  She would sit quietly on the side and smile and nod, agreeing with the general consensus that Harriet had just finally quit on a whim and left town to work with another group.  The fact that she hadn’t told anyone she was leaving surprised no one really, as Harriet was the snotty type who put herself above everyone else and if you weren’t in her “need to know” group, you just didn’t get the skinny of  what she was up to anyway. Needless to say Harriet’s “holier than thou” attitude would not be a problem for anyone anymore. 

The last employee of the day had been a wrap and Molly was packing up her equipment and getting ready to shut off the lights when that foul odor once again drifted in the air.  Molly quickly did a sniff check of her clothes when it finally dawned on her that maybe that new detergent she was using had been unable to remove the unfortunate scent of death from her blouse.  “Maybe more fabric softener the next time would do the trick”, she thought, already planning a next time.  “Clorox was for stains” her mother always told her, “but you really need softener to make you smell pretty.”  She wondered if she should take the time to go home and change before going to the bar.  No she decided, she had another busy night ahead of her, places to go and people to bludgeon.  Tomorrow was Saturday after all and since Saturday was normally laundry day, she would have time to double up on the Clorox and Downey then.


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