A Time of Many Firsts.

23 Dec

There seemed to be a lot of “firsts” going on.  Mom was busy in the kitchen, which was extremely rare any time of year, but proving there is always “hope”.  His two legged siblings were behaving, quite out of character yet sorta neat, for a change (no tail pulling?), and his Dad had actually brought a Tree..Inside..A Real Live Tree..Inside..I mean how exciting was that!  Not withstanding that he had been yelled at when attempting to inaugurate it, ya can’t blame a fella for trying to be helpful can ya? Yep, there was something very fishy going on and he was determined to get to the bottom of it.

It was somewhat disconcerting, in a wait for the other shoe to drop sorta way, how everyone was being so very nice to one another too.  No yelling (well except for that whole “don’t lift your leg” thing).  That they all were talking with “inside voices” took some getting use to as well, when that was not the norm in the household. Usually  home was full of slams and bams, hoops and hollers, and general chaos seemed to be all his family knew and faithfully practiced.  But recently, that had changed..Very confusing to a guy not quite a year old. (six and a half in dog years)

He was really getting a work out at his job too.  For some reason, those monster-men in their short pants and large brown trucks kept coming up His driveway, making quite a racket too… opening that large door on the back and hauling package after package to His door. The nerve of them, ringing His doorbell, day after day.  Leaving boxes of who knows what on His front porch. Where was Homeland Security when you needed um? Try as he might to alert the family of these dastardly deeds being transgressed on His property, their response was to momentarily  break out of their “inside voices” yelling at him to “shut the hell up”.  My god, he was just trying to protect them…geez…

Then there was the whole “DROP THE BALL” thing too.  I mean hadn’t they spent countless hours teaching him to run and fetch?  Yet, when he attempted to grab one of the many colored orbs they had hung on the “INSIDE TREE” they all went into hyper-drive grabbing them out of his mouth before he ever had a chance to give one a good chomp… very contradictory, if he said so himself.

The final icing on the cake came when just this very morning he started to go outside.   Dad had come down first, as usual, made coffee and started cooking some bacon (that’s why he loved Dad the best).  After some quick one-on-one commune time highlighted with some back scratches, Dad had opened the back door and a blast of freezing air practically blew his ears off.  Then on top of that, not only had someone forgot to keep the heat on outside,..well,  someone had put white stuff all over HIS YARD!   ” OH MY GOD”  he thought to himself, “How could I not have heard this happening in the night?  He rushed out to quickly assess the situation and immediately sank into four feet of the coldest,  fluffiest stuff he had ever encountered. Talk about “firsts”!   His feet were cold, the fluff was in his eyes and sniffing as hard as he could, he could not discern an odor to it.  It was the damnedest thing he had ever seen…and yet… boy was it cool.  I mean way cool.  With leaps and bounds he sprung up and about, all over the yard, not caring if he got blamed for not catching whoever did this but putting on a pretty good show of an investigation, as his Dad stood in the doorway emitting between laughs, calls of ” you get um boy”.

When the cold finally got the best of him and Dad convinced him to come back inside to warmth and a slice of bacon, neither being a hard sell, he settled down on his blanket to ponder the changes in his world.  Who knew what would happen next?  He had heard talk of someone expected to break into the house, via the chimney and something about reindeer flying and landing on rooftops?  It was all just a little much for him to fathom and with the logic that only a dog possesses, he decided he had best take a nap to prepare for more firsts that were possibly just around the tree.

First Time, Friday

Write about the first time…..


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