A portion of a day in the life….

20 Oct

So I’m sitting in my hotel room, eating  take out on the bed ( I envision the nodding and murmurs -“been there done that “from fellow road warriors out there) and while thankful for another days work… very damn glad that it’s over for the day anyway.

Being out on the road has its pros and cons, as all jobs do, but one of the most enjoyable is the ability to become a complete slob in your hotel room after work.  Each and every morning ( or evening) depending on one’s shift, ya gotta put on that smiley face, dress in what the various companies that I work for call “professional casual”,( which is somewhere between being really comfortable ie: no jeans or sweat pants, and having to wear clothes your Mother would deem appropriate for Sunday-go-to meetin-day) and shlep (I was in NJ way too long this year) out to meet the world.

Getting back to ones hotel it’s Kattie bar-the -door…pj’s and sweatshirts are the norm, perhaps a pair of fuzzy slippers for the tired feet, off goes the makeup,up goes the hair in a pony tail and out comes whatever was meal was closest, cheapish  and portable that could be brought back to “the sanctuary”.  Reruns of Seinfield, which never bore, or a Fox news recap (over and over)  or if feeling particularly brain dead, watching the weather channel and their redundant forecasts or tales of THIS COULD HAPPEN IN (insert whatever town you happen to be in), where one can watch houses be blown or washed away…repeatedly are entertainment choices.  So much to watch so little time before I fall asleep.  ( well it was a 10 hour damn day)

Forgot napkins, well there are wash cloths available.  Need salt and pepper? Borrow them from the front desk, they always have some there.  Forgot desert?, There is always extra yogurt, banana  or even a cinnamon bun squirreled away from the “free morning breakfast”.  No prep or dish-washing necessary.  Life is good ( not all the time cheap if you don’t want to eat burgers every night) but all in all it’s good.

So while I’m re-nuking desert, I thought I’d just share for a moment….

We were just in NJ and I thought  folks might enjoy some of  of the burning questions that I had to answer from the folks that I met.

In an effort to provide insight to all of those inquisitive minds yet, in the interest of time saving, ( surely there is something good to watch on TV) only the answers will be provided here.

1. ” Why yes I’ll have dessert.  The canolli please.” (alternate answer, ” Yes I’ll have the cheese cake” or  Yes I’ll have the taramisu”

2.  “Why no, I’m not from around here, and I love your accent too.”

3. “Pawleys Island, South Carolina”

4.  “No, that’s not near Appalachia”

5.  “Yes our property taxes are quite a bit lower than yours”

6,  “No, our suburbs aren’t in the middle of nowhere.”

7.  “Yes we have sidewalks and streetlights”

8.  “Yes, we even have sewer systems”

9.  “Yes,  we’re allowed to turn left in South Carolina”


I think there were more answers, however that ding you heard was the mini microwave reheating my cinnamon bun…. and dang, Jerry is on…Where in the hell are my slippers..?  Poke me with a fork I’m done for the day..

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One response to “A portion of a day in the life….

  1. steve grossman

    October 21, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    I can relate… have sewers in South Carolina?

    or the flip side… say Thank you and Please in NJ? or You wave with all five fingers in South Carolina?


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