Moving Sidewalks

22 Sep

The moving sidewalks kept the two parallel lines orderly. No pushing and shoving allowed.  I looked around for a familiar face but as the queues stretched before and aft  for what seemed eternity, I had no luck. Letting my mind wander to the events that had  brought me to this place, I wanted to smile.  Justice had been served for all parties involved.  I had wielded the ax high and hard into Jacks’ head to insure he would never hurt anyone ever again.  The state had welded it’s gavel just as sure and almost as swiftly, in order to satisfy the blood thirsty thongs outside the courthouse. The blind lady’s  scale remained even. With a sigh,  I thought to myself, “Oh my”.

Where we were headed was anyone’s guess, but I could see on the horizon a fork in the road where the sidewalks seemed to peel away from one another.  Looking to my right, at my parallel traveler, she  seemed content and at peace. When I raised my eyebrows in a questioning manner, she just shrugged her shoulders as if to say. ” Who knows?”.  I nodded back  ” Oh well”.

The sidewalks began to split apart and looking over my shoulder I waved  farewell to the quiet women that had traveled by my side.  Facing towards our new destination I could make out the light in the distance and noticed that the surrounding atmosphere was starting to warm up considerately.  A sliver of fear stabbed my heart and I thought to myself  “Oh Hell.”

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Posted by on September 22, 2011 in Flash Fiction


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