The Final Battle

23 Jun

She reigned supreme from her position  in the main room.   Wrapped tightly in a blanket of power, surrounded by  potions and balms, some crafted by her own hand, others brought in from the outside to aid in the battle in which she was the general. She had worked thru the dark hours and planned her strategy to  continue leading the charge in the defeat of the enemy

Nights had come and gone, sounds of what seemed  like death rattles plagued the kingdom. Those unnerving sounds of the war waxed and waned, making her loyal subjects concerned if or when it would finally come to an end.   Cold winds alternating with hot, had kept her mind in a state of confusion and having to continue fighting thru what were her mandatory duties seemed to make every bone in her body cry out, ” No more, no more”.  She had a strong constitution however and even while she could feel the enemies gathering for their final rally,  she knew in her heart that she would get them all thru this and she and she alone would bring relief and comfort to her subjects.

As the early morning sun began to peak thru her window, a ray of light danced across her face as if to say, today is the day, the tide will turn and things will begin to look up for all of her subjects.  She threw off the blanket in which she had been wrapped and as a surge of energy coursed thru her veins she new that she no longer needed the warmth of that cocoon.

Gathering up her potions and balms , she made her way down the drafty hallway, knocking on doors, calling out to her subjects for the final rally  Head held high, she was ready to continue  to  lead and fight for the rest of them.  She had regained her  strength and finally she had the knowledge and the right combination of potions. She would guide them all out of  what must surely seem to be the lowest depths of hell.  Summer colds were just a bitch.

Plot Thickens, Thursday

Wrapped in a blanket


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One response to “The Final Battle

  1. Ricki

    September 2, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Really good. Thanks for the laugh.


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