OK already….

02 May

“When you are ready to get back to work….let me know”… and I bet he slung his cape over his shoulder with a flourish,when he turned and left the room.

“Damn”, I thought somewhat taken aback with what I was sure had been an expeditious and flamboyant departure, “He didn’t give me a chance to speak my piece, give an excuse or ( even more like me)  grab his attention with a snappy and snorky retort…. I mean he  just….shaking my head in shock …. cut , dried and poof he was gone.  It was deja vu all over again, to quote Yogi. Well not really, that other guy on the other site left without saying goodby, he just poofed out… but then again, he had recently poofed back in again so I had heard….so maybe it wasn’t over.?

“Well, what ‘cha gonna do now”.. said Harry, my muse,  sitting on the sofa eating stale potato chips and sipping his flat diet coke.  “You gonna cut and run too?  I know it’s been a tough week but hell, you’ll get thru, and when ya come out on the other side, you will be stronger for it”.

I glared at him over my coffee, which was now growing cold, as I started to consider his question.  What would I do?  I mean there are thousands of sites out here I could go to, but I was pretty set in my ways, plus I really liked this playground, I had a lot of friends here… Like minds with assorted outlooks… no two alike so it always made things interesting… Plus I was never one to cut and run without a fight.

“Ya know I wasn’t gonna do ANYTHING today but rest and reflect on life and death, now this crops up and I can’t pretend I didn’t see it… like totally ignore it, cause if I do I’m afraid …poof it will be really gone”…I groused to Harry.

Harry stared back at me, waiting and trying not to roll his eyes or fade into the background while I made up my mind.  He knew me well, but Harry had the patience of a gnat,so he got up and came over to thump me on the ear. “Get with it, haven’t got all day”  he sniped.

“OUCH” I yelped my ear stinging, ” OK, just a little short one, maybe only 8 minutes today, don’t want to strain my brain after all this down time” and I turned to the keyboard and began.

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