Media on the Prowl ( Chapter3)

19 Apr

Gerald had been kept waiting in the tiny office foyer for three and a half hours.  Max had been hoping that having his secretary come out ever so often to say, “He’s still in that meeting” or “He had an important call come in ” would have put him off and that he would leave in frustration, but then again Max often underestimated people. Nope Gerald stood his ground (well, actually sat in the ragged old metal chair).    I mean, after all, a couple of things were in play here.  One, he had really nothing better to do.  Two, he had brought his lunch in anticipation of being hindered in his search for the truth so was really in no big rush and three, he had a deep and unwavering feeling that something was  definitely wrong here. Of course, Gerald had that feeling most days, which was the reason for his ever present aluminum foil headgear; which he fashioned weekly himself, sometimes a baseball cap, sometimes a fedora and once even a cowboy hat. Gerald while often a bit left of center was sporty,  all the time.

Anyway, Gerald was a man of patience and for all intent and purpose was on a mission.  To him, leaving without getting his interview with one,  Mr. Maxwell V. Shirple- President of Labs of the World,  which was going to be his lead- in story for the Sunshine News Weekly Truth Report, would be accomplished today come hell or whatever.

Meanwhile in the  back, Aggie, trying to keep a low profile in the lab, periodically would leave her table, with all its microscopes and assorted specimens, and casually stroll by the one-way mirror to gaze at Gerald.  She particularly wanted to see how long his persistence could hold out, but even more so she  just wanted to stare at his hat.  She, being the UA ( Undercover Alien) put in the indubitable position of being the local mole and “go to alien for all things virus”, just found it fascinating that someone on earth had finally figured out the truth about aluminum  foil and it’s alien ray protection. It never ceased to amaze her why all  the all humans weren’t as astute as Gerald, and because she found him astute and somewhat very cool looking in this weeks fashion statement ( a fancy french looking crumbled silver beret on which he had glued a feather found in his front yard) she was hoping he would still be hanging around when she got off work and she could ask him out for a drink. ( not that aliens were heavy drinkers, but on her planet 5 o’clock came every 6th hour so you  can shake your head in disbelief and say “Yeah right”)

On what was going to be her last stroll by the mirror, Max at the other end of the hall decided almost simultaneously, that if he was ever going to make it out the front door today he was going to have to suck it up and see Gerald and do the damn interview, thus at 4:45 pm he found himself gazing out that mirror at patient Gerald, with Aggie standing by his side.   “Well, looks like I can’t be rid of him after all.  I’m gonna have to deflect any questions about what you thought you found you know”, said Max, puffing himself up into his I’m The Boss Mode.

Aggie, continued to stare at Gerald’s  foil beret,  slowly realizing that she was starting to have what they called “feelings” for this strange little man, who at this point was dozing off in his metal chair, with a bit of drool leaking onto his chin.  “Yes I know, I read his story yesterday in the Sunshine rag, he was quite descriptive of the rainbow faces on the victims you know.  He really believes in Aliens and such but I don’t think people around here put enough faith in him”, she said with some frustration.

“Faith?”, said Max,  “What in the hell does faith have to do with the price of tea in China?  I just don’t want anyone to think the damn virus was something that came from this lab.  It was just a freak of nature, a one time occurrence, nothing more, nothing less”

“Tea in China…Damn humans and their little confusing sayings”, thought Aggie.  “No, no… it will all blow over you just have to use sane responses with him and when he realizes there is nothing to blow out of proportion, he will go away”. ” I guess,” Max said under his breath and he turned to go introduce himself to the little twerp.

Aggie, turned in the opposite direction and headed back down to the lab.  Guessing that Max would have his hands full with Gerald for at least an hour or so, she had some time to radio the Mother Ship for further instructions on what they had in mind for next week.  She knew now that they were behind schedule, whatever they came up with for her to create in her little lab away from home, it was going to be a doozy.  There would be no getting to know Gerald better any time in the near future or actually anytime in any future.  Future would become a relative term here very soon and shortly after that would pretty much cease to exist as a go-to word for a lot of earthlings.

Damn, she definitely needed that drink.

Take It Away, Tuesday:

Something is definitely wrong here.

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