Alert the Media (Chapter 1)

15 Apr

It was wiggly and squiggly under the microscope.  “Just a germ, any one would see it looked like so many others”, she thought grimly. Harmless? Not this little sucker she had captured in the runoff  from last nights rain shower and it wouldn’t take long to cause chaos.  Put enough of them raining down in a large metropolitan area and you would have real problems to deal with.  Finding any unaffected folks after such a epidemic infected storm would be a tall order for the Red Cross medics that would have to come in to save the day.

She picked up the phone to call Max.  He being her supervisor would have the somewhat dubious task of making the announcement.  Her imagination began to run with it then.  The ongoing and repetitive  news flashes and AP scrolling it as a line item across the TV screens.”Hell, they’ll probably want to blame this on Bush like they do everything else”, she thought, trying not to roll her eyes. She foresaw Drudge Report and Breitbart having a field day with their Large Impressive Black Headlines and the Weather Channel getting  their on-standby reporting meteorologists drug out of mothballs just for the occasion.  The  folks on the local stations will probably begin ratcheting up pandemonium as soon as they get the news as well and the excitement of it all will have them think this will be even more titillating than standing in the blowing winds of a hurricane for them, unless  they accidentally get wet and somehow get thru the initial symptoms, that is.

Just thinking of the morning forecast telling of afternoon thunder storms, now as she had discovered, were potentially moisture packed with what she saw as a tiny bug with a big wallop…well it was giving her the heebee gee-bees.

She paused for a second and hung up the phone.  Just another quick peek she thought. Leaning over the microscope and deftly adjusting the lens, she once again stared into the petri dish.   Amazement flooded through her as she watch the multiplication before her very eye of  what moments ago had been one super bad ass flu bug.  Talk about watching an exponential explosion of disease.

Well, she thought, this certainly was going to be a good day to stay inside, curl up with a good book and watch the rain.  Better call Max to alert the media.

— — — — — — — —

Member’s Pick, Friday

(1) enough, (2) real, (3) tall, (4) Germany


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