Madness under the midday sun.

04 Apr

Under the heat of the midday sun, she lay floating on her raft in the middle of the infinity pool.  The rather large Hollywood sunglasses gave her an air of mystery or so she thought.  More often than naught she would forget to remove them before she dozed off and would end up looking like Rocky Raccoon by the end of the day.   There were a lot of things that she seemed to be forgetting lately, most of them on purpose.  Facing reality had become such a bore and with her vivid imagination, fantasy was down right exciting.

Her left hand gently ladled some of the cool water over her chest, while her right hand held tightly to the freshly made martini.  Five o’clock seemed such an eternity away so by three,  she was already nursing her third cocktail; all the better to be able to let her mind run free, away from the responsibilities, problems and general mayhem that had become her life.

When she had caught him cheating this last time and he had actually had the temerity to be blase’ about it, she had detached herself from the whole situation.  They had long passed the point of yelling and screaming at each other so the coolness that  permeated their relationship just moved to the next phase of down right frost.  The only thing that seemed to take off that chill was for her to glide in the water & bake herself in the midday sun, allowing her feelings of denial to just float away.

She had long imagined that wealth and happiness would forever be hers, not that she was willing to put forth any effort in achieving them, but as  she  felt she must have enjoyed them so much as a child, they would follow her into adulthood.  Ah, her youth, she was at the top of the  A-list, with beauty and brains and a wicked sense of humor that made her the sought after female of her class.   The cars, the clothes, the rich and beautiful  friends, the ski trips over the winter holidays and the summers in the islands.  That was the life: it was hers in which to relish.  A love at first sight chance meeting and a whorl-wind romance leading to the Princess Di style wedding  just added to the picture perfect life she knew should always be a major player in.  A Ken-like husband and 2.4 children were the icing on her cake and  she was not about to let it end now nor anytime in the surreal future.

Finishing off the drink she lightly dug the olive from the bottom of the glass….”lunch”, she though with a smile.  Yep, this was the life, even with an errant husband, she could cope.  The problems of reality could be overcome, with  the turning of the ole blind eye.  She had done it for years and was quite the expert in painting rosy pictures in her mind.

The sound of the front door slamming and the running of children down the hall broke her reverie…dragging herself from the bathtub, she dropped the can of beer in the trash, covered herself  in the ratty cotton robe , turned off the sun  lamp and went out the door to see if there was anything left in the pantry with which to make the kids a snack.

On Location, Monday:

Under the heat of the midday sun…


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One response to “Madness under the midday sun.

  1. tskraghu

    April 4, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    The end of a dream run? Vivid imagery.


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