Strike a Pose

19 Mar

Next…. She had stepped upon the platform, tossing her hair away from the part, just like they taught her in modeling school those many years ago. Damn she was good. “Daz” was the name she went by now, and aptly named, for she was absolutely dazzling. She lost count of the time the photographers sang those words, ” Hold it, Hold that pose Daz……Hold that pose… Perfect.”

It had been a rough climb to the top of the fashion pyramid and coming from the gutter her climb had been a tad bit longer than most. She had learned to ignore the naysayers among her family and so-called friends, those that laughed at her dreams. “Scum does as scum is”, they told her, “you’ll never amount to anything; more than likely end up just like your Ma, drunk and drugged out, or dead in the street like your sister, stabbed by an unsatisfied john”. She turned a blind ear. The haughty divas in school were even worse, with their straight locks, preppy clothes and perfect make-up. They would laugh at her attempts at vogue dressing, her way with colors most shocking and so Bohemian chic. God, how she hated them all.

But she was tough. Tougher than anyone imagined…. and brave… well perhaps, fearless was more the term. She had no fear, as the future could only get better…. when one comes from living in a hell hole, right? Poverty sucked and she like her hero, Scarlett, was never gonna be poor again.

It seemed a never-ending process to stay at the top. The booze propped her up and the pills kept her running. The purging kept her rail thin and the rage in her past kept her focused, for a while. She walked over everyone in her claim to fame. Those that believed, soon grew alienated. Those that dared to love, soon were tossed away; her estranged list grew, like litter by the roadside, thrown by a solo driver in a speeding car.

With only fame and fortune by her side, she had been alone when the final crash came. Her deftly planned marathon to success was flawed after all. Try as she might to keep the top spinning, like so many stars before, her failure was her crowning achievement. This would be the shot they would all remember. Striking the pose one more time, she held that card, she waited for those words…and she smiled that smile…

“Hold that pose #423532, Hold that pose”….. Perfect.

Thinking Ten: Prompt for Saturday: Posing for the camera

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