He’s Older Now.

15 Mar

He’s older now; the lines on his face give his age away.

Yesterday he was but a child, Up at first dawn, dressing himself, gathering his papers, going down the stairs for breakfast with his Mother and Father.  Nods of love, bows of respect, off to school he would go.

Yesterday the sky was blue, there was a coolness in the air, a hint of spring not yet around the corner, but soon.  It would be time for fishing and kite flying.  Things a boy could look forward to.

Yesterday he was part of a family, part of a school, part of a temple, part of a town. He knew his place in the world.

Today it is gone.  Today he awakens in the street.  Cold and alone.  Looking for his Mother and Father.  Looking for his home.  Looking in amazement.  Looking but without seeing, incomprehensible awe in his mind.

Once where there was a wall, a bigger wall came and then there was nothing.  Once there was a bedroom and stairs with a banister on which to hold.  There were bowls of rice for breakfast with his Mother and Father.  There was a doorway to exit and friends with whom to walk to school.  There was a dock by the bay.  There was a field in which to fly his kite.  Then there wasn’t.

Amazing he thought, being able to hear a wall.  He had always thought of them as silent.  So wrong.  So very wrong.

Today the sky is blue.  The coolness in the air seeps into his soul now and as for looking for the hint of spring, well there are no corners left to look around.

There will be no fishing for there are only floating bodies in the sea.  There will be no kite flying, for there is radiation in the air.  There will be no more nods of love, nor bows of respect, except at the pyres.

He is definitely older now, and it has only been by a day or so.  The lines of tears etched in his face give his age away.

On Location, Mondays:

He’s older now; the lines on his face give his age away.

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Posted by on March 15, 2011 in Flash Fiction



One response to “He’s Older Now.

  1. tskraghu

    March 15, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    All in a day:-(. Our hearts reach out to them.


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