The First Bite.

01 Feb

He sat there quietly eating the apple.  She had given it to  him, cooing softly  “A gift for the man I love”.  He figured there was an ulterior motive  and it would just be a matter of time before payback would come calling, but for now he would just experience the sweetness of the day and the joy that came from loving her.

They had been what one would call “a couple” for quite a while now and as it had always been, he only had eyes for her.  She was the one, from the very first, he just felt, no he just knew,  they would be together forever.  Of course in the area that they lived, there wasn’t a whole lot of choices, but that being no matter, a heart wants what a heart wants. Right?

She was so very beautiful. She had sashayed down the trail on that first morning, the dew clinging lightly to her bare legs… legs that went all the way up to….heaven, or so he thought with a grin.  Her long golden hair reached to her waist and as she glided towards him it moved in rhythm with her hypnotic gait; reminding him of wheat softly waving in the breeze. Her smile, shy at first then coaxed into a delightful laugh, was music to his soul and when he felt her look into his heart for the first time, he knew that all could be lost because of the emotions that began to course through his veins.   If he didn’t watch himself and proceed with caution, this one would lead him into deep trouble, not that he cared in the least.

Day in and day out they had explored the newness of each other.  Being together, they would see things in a different light.  Perspectives changed and  what once seemed dull and boring, now became experiences to savor and share.  “Ain’t love grand?”, he would think to himself.  How it change the mundane into the ethereal he would never quite understand, but he was oh so glad that it did.

The first slithering of doubt had crept into his mind, when she had disappeared one morning for what he believed to be an inordinate amount of time.  Upon her return to their favorite spot, she had been vague about her whereabouts, giving him what would become the usual, “just out and about doing girl things, you wouldn’t understand” line that looking back, was the start of  the beginning of the end.

For a long time he had ignored all the signs, her far away looks, what she said were heavy sighs of (dis)contentment and more and more often, her long and solo walks in the woods…Well he had had enough and whatever was going on he was going to confront her and get to the bottom of it all.  Being stealthy and so he thought crafty, today he would follow her on her solitary morning constitutions and for better or worse,  he would learn  what she was up to.

He had found her alone, sitting under the tree, out of hope and out of  tears,  with a redness in her checks of either sorrow or shame, he could not really tell.  She gazed up at him as he approached and stretched out her hand whispering,  “For the man I love, my last gift for you”, which was how she described the apple.  How could all be lost, he believed, not when the sadness in her eyes, looked to him more like adoration and love.

Take it Away, Tuesday:

He sat there quietly eating his apple.


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