Sweets for my Sweet

20 Jan

He called her his Eye Candy.  For years it had been the joke between just the two of them. They had met on 5th Avenue oh-so-long ago.  She had been staring at the truffles and pralines in the windows of Godiva Chocolates and he of course, had been staring at her. Both were thinking the same thing, “How divine,how luscious,how enticing….way too expensive for me”.  How wrong they had both turned out to be.  When she had turned towards him and caught the glazed look in his eyes it was all over but the shoutin’ and they had been tasting life together ever since.

Fifty years. ” God, where had the time gone?” she wondered.   She stared into the mirror and tried to imagine being still his Eye Candy.  A wrinkle here and a liver spot there, my oh my, they seemed to spread like liquid molasses.  Things once springing now sagging south and areas once slim now spreading both east and west.  It was like her body parts had become Lewis and Clark and were forever moving into locations formerly unknown.  He had to notice.  She shook her head and sighed.

Picking up the hairbrush she began her routine.  Fifty strokes one for every year.  Her hair now streaked with gray where highlights of golden caramel once shown. Dry and thinning with age, the mirror told no lies and she hated it for it’s sanctimonious smugness.  She did not long for the past, for while the memories were indeed piquant, the present was to be savored and enjoyed.  He was here and as long as that was the case there was life to be relished..together.

She pulled the apple red satin gown over her head and stood up straight, well as straight as the osteoporosis would let her.   A final puff of face powder and a gentle pat of vanilla behind her ears and she was ready for the evening to begin.

Slowly opening the door for her grand entrance, a smile came to her face as she found him dozing.  She sat at the edge of the bed and the scent of the sweetness must have jarred his memory for he awoke and turned in her direction.

“There’s my Candy-girl, the apple of my eye, my sugar plum”. he lovingly teased her.  Then wrapping her in his arms like all good recipes, they folded and blended into deliciousness.

Plot Thickens, Thursday:  Thinking Ten


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