Holding On

19 Jan

Deciding that with nothing to lose and everything to gain, I changed my mind.  Just because it happened in that nanosecond after I jumped didn’t mean it was any less definitive.  It  is the prerogative, no I say, ones’  duty to be able to reverse ones’ decisions at a moments notice, especially when one suddenly realizes exactly what whooshing down sixty-five stories would do to ones’ newly coiffed  hair as well as ones’ breathtakingly subtle Vera Wang.   Acrylic nails be damned, I would pull myself up from this ledge and with my usual determination, I would find a way to get even instead of getting out of the way.

Since I had rushed out of the ceremony  in a fever, they would think that I was indeed gone for good.  I had caught a glimpse of their faces as I ran out leaving only my shoes behind, those a gift for the prince of a guy standing dumbstruck at the alter.  His face alone had not expressed shock, but relief, and when that fact had hit me, it was no wonder I was able to turn in mid-air and grab securely to side of the buildings roof line.  It had all become so clear to me. Now the anger was fueling strength to my arms and the inner self-realization of the lies that had been told  to cover what would later be called, That Unfortunate Transgression, was causing elaborate plots and stratagems to flow through my mind.

Getting even would become my everything and the whole woman scorned would take on new heights never before seen or imagined.  Slowly ever slowly I eased my legs over the precipice, first one then the other and with a plop I landed safely on the the leeward side of the ledge.  Easing myself to a standing position, I brushed off the gravel bits from my now crumpled Wang and with blood lust in my heart, I began the long walk down the staircase to my new destiny.

Words, Inc., Wednesday:

(1) gain, (2) gift, and (3) gone

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Posted by on January 19, 2011 in Flash Fiction, Southern Humor


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One response to “Holding On

  1. Ann

    January 20, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    I was just wondering about your writing when this story popped up in my email. Interesting. Welcome back, and hope to see you all soon, Ann


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