Biding my time…

19 Oct

Sometimes when working on the road, things get discombobulated, appointments don’t show up when they are supposed to and it therefore leaves one with time to kill, doing nothing.. Well “nothing” is such a misnomer, since  with the ever-expanding World Wide Web,  there are millions of pages to be explored and plundered.  Of course that being the case, most of us just visit and revisit the same old sites..go ahead admit you do that too…but I digress….

With all the vast information out there, I tend to like reading the local news, but local news from the places I have visited, or will be visiting.  Reading the news for the Bigger Cities across the country makes one appreciate the location in which one actually resides.

There seems to be a lot of major problems; robbery,  murders, hit and runs, and domestic disturbances just about everywhere else away from where I live.  We tend to get things in our local paper such as, “Man throws Girlfriend out of house…. they were good friends.”  where as,  in places like BigCitywithLotsofTraffic, Ga, their headlines normally reads  ” Man shoots, stabs, hits, strangles Girlfriend before throwing her out of house… they were good friends”

In other big cities, like SprawlinglandofMickey, Fla you find other interesting headlines which really capture ones attention.  Take the Bear.  No really…please someone needs to take the Bear, cause if you read the story  “Black Bear burglarized home, makes off with Pork Roast” , well that just makes you wonder what the world is coming to… right?  I’m thinking to myself while reading, wonder if they caught him red- handed, or sticky-pawed  with bar-b-que sauce,  and tried to handcuff him..the article didn’t say.

Then right under that headline, a story from  Acoastaltownverytouristy, Fla,  “Jellyfish attacking swimmers”. Well gee, most of our South Carolina  Jellyfish just blob  around in the surf and if you happen to run into one it can be painful.  Evidently down in Fla they have hoards of them  (perhaps armed with switchblades and Sat. night specials) reeking havoc on the population.   Are they slithering or blobbing up on the shore, to attack folks?  … again the story was vague on the details of the actual attack.

Moving to the Carolina’s in Abigcitywheretheysayya’ll, I came across  “Man Sitting on Tracks, Killed by Train”.. Yes, that is very sad, ( I concur) however, when I read the headline, two thoughts crossed my mind; the first being  “Duh”  and the second  “What in the world does one expect?”  It’s a track for TRAINS….  I may be callous, but I mean… really…

So for now I will continue to roam the WWW searching for great local news… opps wait… here comes one of my appointments…better late than never..

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