Pithy left the room, but now she’s.. back

27 Sep

What was I thinking?  Either not much or on the flip side a lot, with the qualifier that I was so busy didn’t have time to relay the information.  Hey, that later concept works for me…

As I wind down this case in the Midwest and before I begin the trek back home for a brief breather, it’s time to ramble on a bit, cause as I say, you know how “we” are….

1.  There is no Beach music in the Mid-west either.  Those that follow my tales know that I discovered the lack there of out West, and evidently somewhere perhaps either in Tennessee or Illinois I again crossed that line.  Real shame, folks out here don’t know what they are missing.

2.Playing tourist has it’s pitfalls.  Knowing what I know about tourism, I really try and research places before I shell out money to explore.  Alas sometimes the research is spot on and sometimes, well lets just say, the magic of marketing can be a double edge sword.  Case in point:

Some museums are just old dusty buildings with really nothing worthwhile worth seeing. Being brought up in a family business of running hotels, trust me, I know old ( like late 1800’s) dusty (read: borderline nasty/funky) buildings.  When I was young, a hotel just like that was my playground and the corridors, clanking elevators and murky basement rooms were fun to explore.  Perhaps that is what the museum that we visited here had in mind.  Hubby was stoic as we wandered around, trying to figure out what we were supposed to be looking at.  Other than empty rooms,a large beetle collection, an old pipe organ a,  empty bank vaults and lots of dust bunnies, it was pretty much a loss leader.  There were things for kids to climb on and crawl through, but if you can visualize what a never cleaned  100 year old McDonald’s playground ( minus the bright colors)  would look like, well you get my drift.   All I will say, is that their marketing folks made a brilliant brochure which made me conclude we had been suckered just like the rest of the glassy eyed and lighter wallet-ed folks wandering around the place with us.

3.  Zoos are cool.

a. Well, Zoos are cool if you don’t have walk forever to find the animals.

b. Zoos are cool if the animals would decide to rest/sleep up closer to the fences so you could actually make out their shapes.

c. Camouflage coloring on big cats really work. ( now where IS that cheetah ?)

d. Monkeys are always cool to watch…. as are Chimps and lemurs.

e.  Pink flamingos just stand around and look pink.

f.  Elephants look at you with expressions of  “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

g.  Trams at zoos are the best.

4.  Historic Monuments can be very impressive.  Beautifully kept grounds and a tribute to the American Way West.  The place of beginnings made one feel proud to be an American.  A sign of our times however, is the tight security in place to prevent someone from thinking they might be setting an example by blowing up a part of our history.  It didn’t slow down the visitors much and the pride of country and our perseverance not to flinch in the face of terrorism could be felt in the air.

5. Historic Farms with wildlife preserves and CLYDESDALE’S! are the best.  Not that I am prejudice or anything, however,  preserves that have trams that actually take you TO the animals are wonderful. Riding thru sloping hills, within their home territory, they watched us watch them with as much un-interest  in our presence as could be mustered.  Deer, Elk, Zebra and other exotics, but for us it was the Long Horns that stole that show.  One could only imaging them in herds back when the cattle drives crossed hundreds of miles.  Then there are the horses.  Love them, always have and always will, small ones, medium ones, large ones-they are all beautiful.  Then there are the giant size ones and well they are just tremendous.  Their towering profiles and their majestic structure belie the softness of their velvety hide and with their deep brown eyes they look into your soul and very quickly they steal your heart..or at least they did mine.

As everywhere I go, I try to feast on what I can.  We don’t get a lot of time on this earth and the more we can explore and get a taste of life in the here and now ,  the less chance there may be for us to have to admit to the regrets of  “the wish I had of”s” in our futures.


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3 responses to “Pithy left the room, but now she’s.. back

  1. Beth Jarrells

    September 27, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    While I am glad you’re having such an edifying adventure, I still think that Clydesdale is giving you the stinkeye.

  2. A Dunham

    September 27, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Hey, Interesting. Can’t wait to see all the pics. Speaking of horses, don’t forget Zenyatta’s Lady’s Secret Stakes race this Sat where she will be after her 19th win. I’m not sure when or where it will be on. It may be on ESPN at 6PM. Not sure. Still looking. Let me know if you find out.

  3. jeanne

    September 29, 2010 at 10:58 am

    That horse in your pic is biggggg. I’ve never been to the Midwest, now I want to go. How long will you be in Florida?


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