Treasure Hunt

09 Aug

They were deep underground. The glow of their flashlights casting eerie shadows along the wall of the tunnel only hinted of the evil men who were surely seeking to find them. Many days of planning had gone into this escapade: sacks of food and canteens of water had been secured and deeper and deeper downward they scurried, needing nothing over the clothes on their backs. Folded army shovels and Leathermen knives were their tools of choice as they were small and compact. They knew there were going to be places in the cave where crawling through narrow passage-ways would be required. Traveling light was paramount. They were going to have to go far and getting in and out fast, before it was discovered that they had found and subsequently stolen the treasure, was their only chance of survival.

The map they had was yellowed and stained, almost ready to crumble in their hands, as the attic chest they had rummaged through had been stored away for many a moon. Was it a treasure hidden by pirates: booty from the high seas or would it be gold and jewels, treasures once offered to the Gods in fear? The answers to these question were the mysteries they were determined to discover.

It seemed like days, while actually only hours, that they roamed in the cave, searching, always searching for the “X” upon the floor where they would dig for the riches of their dreams. The treasure would be enough to save them all and they would be heroes to the minions of the township. They talked at length of the royal welcome to be had upon their return, as they sat and rested, before going deeper in their quest for the treasure.

Suddenly, their reverie was broken by the sound of yelling in the distance. Steadily the voices grew louder and more demanding. They had been found and the fear in their hearts made their blood run cold in anticipation of the angry hoard that they knew was coming for them. So close, so very close they had come to finding the treasure.. and now… and now, it was all for naught.

“Boys… I told you once…. I’m not gonna say it again….. Supper is ready…….!  Clean up this mess, put the chairs back on their feet, fold up the Army blankets and come upstairs….. right now.”

On Location, Monday:

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Posted by on August 9, 2010 in Flash Fiction, Southern Humor


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