The Start of a Legacy.

06 Aug

He sat with his hands positioned at 12 and 3 just as he had been instructed. Seat-belt tightened and mirrors checked. Eyes front and on the prize. He was mentally ready for the announcer to yell “Gentlemen, start your engines” and to imagine the crowd rising to their feet in anticipation of what was to come.

How long he had prepared for this moment. There was so much pressure from family and friends that he would be the one to live up to the heritage of his legendary family name. He had gone over everything in his mind, the strategies, the timing, the building up of courage. Today would be the day and there would be no mistakes, no tactical errors of judgment, no missteps and no regrets, on his part at least. He was determined not to let them down

It was probably the hottest July on record and the asphalt amplified the humidity so much that he could almost see it rippling in waves around the car. He had the windows rolled down, but the metal gear shift and steering wheel both required that he be decked in heat resistant driving gloves. His head gear was on and his sun glasses down into what he perceived to be a “cool” position. The neon green paint job was brand new on his car and he could visualize that soon it would be covered with logos and endorsements of deep pocketed sponsors who would fund his run for the brass ring.

Suddenly it was now or never time. The start…the beginning…the road to his future stretched before his eyes and he was ready. Putting down his clip board the instructor turned towards him stating, “OK Junior, turn the key, put it in reverse and we shall begin your driving test.”

Member’s Pick, Friday:
Three Rules Challenge

Rule #1: Include something metal
Rule #2: Include something green
Rule #3: Incorporate the words ‘reverse’ and ‘regret’

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Posted by on August 6, 2010 in Flash Fiction, Southern Humor


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