Gone today, here tomorrow?

10 Jul

I’m sitting here in my lime green frog slippers and faded orange Miami Dolphin Tee, glaring at the blank white screen before me, listening to “Dancing on the Ceiling” with my wandering mind wondering what “is” Lional doing these days?   Maybe I need a snack, something sugary packing a jolt to bring me back on track?   Maybe another cup of coffee, with some of that yummy caramel cream that I discovered at the store yesterday; would that do the trick?   Ideas circle around my head like a halo but when I reach to grab one it shimmers away and I swear I can hear it laughingly say “Schmuck”.   The words seem to be on vacation this week and I wonder where they have gone: Tahiti, Paris, or in what seems in my case, to Siberia.   Procrastination is trifling with my mind and I feel the need to make of list of new things to do while dawdling away the time till my words return on the next flight home.

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Posted by on July 10, 2010 in Flash Fiction, humor


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