09 Jul

They stood side by side, sipping their paper cups of wine, leaning on the boardwalk railway and gazing out at an ocean filled with bobbing tourists. The summer was over midway gone and it had been a hot one. They could either admit they were getting old and couldn’t take the heat as they used to or they could concede there might be something to that damn Global warming. Neither choice was appealing, so in silent agreement, they opted just to ignore both.

They hadn’t been friends for eons or anything of the sort, but the several years they had known each other had seemed to bind their souls together. Through the good times; when both were flush with funds, to the bad times; when one or the other would be struggling to make ends meet, they had hung on to each other like a salvation hymn in an Southern Baptist Church. You swam or sank in life and because of the friendship, sinking was never an option. It was as if they had found one another to be a perpetual buoy against the evil tides which would periodically beset upon one or the other.

They were nothing alike and yet they were the same. The yin and yang of them together confused those around them, so much so that their names became interchangeable, with people then having to say, “Dammit, not that one, I meant the other”. One was logical and methodical and the other lived in dreams and creativity. The disparity of their personalities when tied together actually seemed to confirm that they were one whole person.

Fall was just around the corner and fall was when things always changed for them it seemed. A change of jobs, a change of minds, a change of heart, a change of their step position on the escalator of their lives. Change swirled around them like the spokes on a wheel and standing back to back they could look out decide onto which one they would leap to ride for a while.

One turned to the other and said “My cup is getting empty, is it finally my time to get more wine?” The other said “Yes, it’s your turn, I’ve held the jug for a while now, but I have an even better idea.” Slowly they turned their backs on the sea and nodding silently to one  another, they headed out  towards their tomorrows. This time they had unspokenly decided, they would both drink the wine and at the same time for a change.

Pick, Friday
Character Challenge: The Best Friend

Rules: (1) write whatever comes to mind; (2) include a beverage

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