Heading out-Finale.

04 Jul

She had chosen this law firm for its’ ad proclaiming  “Total Discretion”.  Her  friends had recommend Black, Jones, Filbert  &  Etc,  but they were just too high-profile; seemingly needing the spotlight to justify their existence by flaunting settlements to prove they were the best.   She knew what she wanted and knew that part of any plan to get what she wanted would included a binding non-disclosure.  B,J,F & Etc. would somehow allow a seed of information to leak and then it would  be the end of her future.   Dismissing  the recommendation of friends, she had just let her fingers do the walking. which brought her to Bjorn Graham, P.A.

It had been a relative short process, surprisingly.  The soon to be Ex.  was just as antsy to extract himself  from the relationship as she.  Money was never the object, but rebuilding of a reputation  had to be ensured.  She couldn’t have cared less about his reputation and just wanted to move on…with what was due her, naturally.

Bjorn entered the room softly with a Manila envelope under his arm.  She had so enjoyed working with him, with his calming reserve and his almost shy smile, she had felt at ease the first time she had entered his office.  There had been no cheering gallery  just a composed atmosphere which  felt safe to her.  She had turned over her notebook to him, the one with the list of names and the back up documentation, and he had culled from it and created what he thought to be a real masterpiece of a settlement.  He gently smiled at her and slowly slid the envelope across the table for her perusal.

“This is it”,  she thought.  “My ticket to freedom.  The fairway to the future for me and the kids”.  She slowly opened the clasp and gingerly removed the document.  She reached for her reading glasses and began to savor the words.  Today there would be no tears,  for today finally a hint of a smile began to ease onto her face.  “Yes, my yes.” and she began silently  nodding to herself, while Graham watched from across the table.   She finished reading and laid the document down between them.

“Is it everything you wanted”, the attorney asked without any trepidation.  “Yes, it is par  for the purchase of my silence and my list.  $100 million is more than a drop in his ball bucket and it suits the children and I to a tee.”

The Plot Thickens, Thursdays (Use this plot element in your flash):
A shy man named Graham; he’s holding something

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