Heading out-Part 2. In the Sky

30 Jun

She had flipped the coin and headed towards the last door on the right. At the counter she paid for her ticket with the “borrowed” credit card and blending into the shuffling queue, she flowed down the movable gate towards her seat. “If one is gonna go”, she figured, “One should go First Class”. Window seat A, Aisle 3. Living large on someone else’s dime, so to speak. After all she had put up with over the years, it was now her turn.

“So this is how the other half  lives “, she thought wickedly, “Now I’m going to be part of that other half.”  She snuggled down into the wide recliner and politely accepted the pillow, newspaper and the complimentary cocktail that the stewardess was offering. My God, to be the one being waiting on was such a great feeling.

The takeoff was smooth and the champagne was smoother. She had five hours ahead of her in the air and she started to realize it was time to break out her notebook and permanently quash the elements of doubt that were beginning to creep down the aisle towards her. Keeping things fresh in the forefront was just the solution to cement the certainty in her convictions of this rash decision.

The notebook was where she wrote her lists (and stored her sanity) and it automatically fell open to the pages that held her most recent list, the one that had caused this unprecedented leap of faith into the plane. The list took up two whole pages, with the left side being the “pros”, why she should leave and of course the right, the “cons”, being why she should stay. The lines on the left were filled all the way to the bottom and the right page was totally empty.  When that viewpoint finally slapped her across the face, she knew there had been no mistake in her strategy. She slowly picked up her crystal flute and with every sip she read a line; Mary-the babysitter…sip, Jane-the clerk at the grocery…sip, Cynthia-the supposedly second cousin..sip, Karla; the temp…sip. The names would drone on and on and she realized she would need several refills.

Inc., Wednesday:
(1) mistake, (2) coin

The only rule: incorporate the above words into your daily flash.

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Posted by on June 30, 2010 in Flash Fiction



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