Being It.

26 Jun

2030, 4050, 6070, 8090…ONE HUNDRED… “Ready or Not, here I come”,  she squealed.  Her fat little legs propelled her off the porch and into the cooling  evening.  The sun had set just minutes ago, so she knew there was not much time to find them.  They were older and bigger  than she  and liked to hide in places that she could neither see over nor climb up on.   Great Live Oaks surrounded the parameter of the backyard, but the first branches were just out of grasp of her chubby little hands so if once again, they were amidst the highest leaves, she knew she would lose and have to be “IT” again tomorrow night.

Determination, which she inherited from her Father, was her middle name so she was not about to give up so easily.   Surveying her little  fiefdom she spied the ladder against the back fence.  Sargent, the neighbor dog,  wasn’t barking his head off, so she knew they had not used it to escape over that wooden wall into his lair of  slobbery kisses.  Suddenly a slight breeze caught the curtain in the club house and with her quick reflexes , which she got from her Mother, her sharp little eyes spotted a wisp of blond hair sticking up at the window sill.   “Ah, Ha’, she thought, ” I’ve got them trapped.   She casually meandered to the club house stoop and plopped her little bad self down with a smile.

“20 or 30 more minutes at the most, till the babysitter calls”, she whispered to herself, “they’ll have to come out then and surrender and I won’t have to be “IT” again tomorrow.”

Member’s Pick, Friday :
The only rules: (1) write whatever comes to mind, and (2) push yourself; write on a topic or genre that’s always been hard for you (e.g. politics, war, death, love, comedy)

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Posted by on June 26, 2010 in Flash Fiction, humor



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