Her Load.

22 Jun

She couldn’t get the image out of her mind. The instructor at the Self-awareness class had told them they should “travel much lighter in life”. That carrying so much “baggage”, one became weighted down & ultimately unable to move forward. In fact, unable to move at all.” She tried to concur wholeheartedly with that assessment as she felt that if she looked closely enough the welts on her back and shoulders could even be seen. In her minds’ eye she was like an Indian porter, toting the kindling to warm the world.

What the professor didn’t tell them however, was just exactly how to unstrap, unclutter, unload, or trash it all.

She wondered if she tossed out her load what would be left with which she could survive? She had depended on that baggage for so very long, that letting her imagination run wild, she pondered, “What Would happen if it was all gone?”

The Pain got her up in the morning with it’s insistent ringing of the alarm. Depression forced her out of the house while Fear of being broke drove her to the office. Self-Doubt forced her to get her work done efficiently and Lack of Confidence kept her company during lunch. Insecurity advised her not to ask the new guy out for a drink and Embarrassment kept her from trying anything unpronounceable on the menu. With a sigh she thought even after her day was done, Rejection sat with her watching the late show, with just Conan and Jay to keep them company.

Indecision helped her to see that the Self-awareness class was all bogus. She finally realized deep down inside that she was sure the baggage was her friend. Surrender convinced her of that truth and Insecurity smiled and added a few more logs.

it Away, Tuesday
I couldn’t get the image out of my mind.

The only rule: start your flash with the above sentence.

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Posted by on June 22, 2010 in Quick Fiction


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