The King

10 Jun

The bear sat on the dresser looking out over his realm, the bedroom. For many years he had ruled as a loving and rational king. A great king they had all said and one that would go down in history for his devotion to his subjects. No, he would never ever be forgotten. They had sung his praises to the heavens and yet now that his retirement seemed imminent a disquieting calm had descended on the land. “Was his rule really about to come to an end?”, the whispers flowed freely through the kingdom, “what shall become of him?” He had never dreamed that his reign would come to an end.. ever, and for the first time since his stuffing, he was at a loss to find meaning in his life.

King Teddy had been there through thick and thin for his subjects. He shielded them from the fear of the monsters (under the bed and in the closet) and from the solitude of being left alone and deserted (even if there was a babysitter in the den). He had absorbed their tears when the unfairness of being a child became overwhelming and had cushioned their battered emotions when the first pangs of unrequited love had stabbed their hearts.

For nigh on twenty years he had seen them all over the hills that needing climbing and was there reaching out with a helping paw when assistance was needed to dig out of some troubled hole. Ever vigilant and always knowing just the right thing to do, no matter the circumstance. He was the shoulder on which to lean and the ear in which all secrets remained safe.

The last of his subjects was to depart soon to a new world of higher education and without a society to rule the bear would no longer have a purpose. He had taught them all he knew. Perseverance through adversity as well as compassion and faith in love, when all around seemed dark. Most important he gave them bravery to forge onward, secure with the understanding that what was ahead were the wonders of the world open to their exploration.

It was time for all great things to come to an end so there he sat, alone on the dresser. His eyes gave away nothing of his pain, for he was the king of the bedroom, and was bear enough to shoulder it all.

Plot Thickens, Thursday
A stuffed animal

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