Showing the way.

07 Jun

He stood close to the brick entrance way. Nothing had changed, nothing really ever did. The bell clanged with it’s same shrill intensity and doors flew open liberating exuberant students fleeing towards the promise of summer vacation. With his back against the wall as the wave of humanity passed, he watched solemnly feeling the pheromones of youth wash over him. Ah, if only that essence could be bottled.

Stoneham High had been his staging area for oh so many years. Not that he was on the stage, more that he was the backdrop, the bronze shadow showing them the way, the one that watched over them all.

He hovered over the sad ones with a listening ear to hear their troubles. The slow ones he prodded with positive energy, the successful ones, he knelt in respect for their accomplishments. He stoically watched their tears fall over their losses and when their successes became apparent, he silently cheered them on.

He represented many different things to his fledglings and as they went out into the world, the angel faithfully pointed the way onward toward their burgeoning lives urging them only to be true to themselves.

Location, Monday
Stoneham High School

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Posted by on June 7, 2010 in Quick Fiction


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