Not again.

28 May

Being fearful of what was in the closet had been one thing, but now that my brother had alluded to what was hiding under the bed, well my world had just been turned up-side-down in the span of just …dinner time..

We had all been gathered round the supper table talking; well grousing to our parents, if you really wanted to know, about school starting and the loss of freedom which that in itself imposed. Being the youngest of five, and having my very first day of education under my belt, I was actually feeling pretty good about the whole situation, until “he” poked my ribs, when no-one else (read-parents) could see, and whispered in my ear, “While you were at school it moved out of the closet to under the bed.”

My appetite took a sudden a nose dive and that queasy, uneasy feeling started creeping up from my toes. Now what in the heck was I going to do ? I had been so careful this morning. I had gotten up extra early so as to have time to put on my new parochial kindergarten, ever-green (a color I would come to loath) uniform and Patent Mary Jane’s. I then had been very careful to use the said ” Enchanted Key”, purchased from my older sisters with my meager allowance, to lock and magically seal the closet so the monster would stay put while I was away…….and now I’m told it escaped? What was this world coming to…?

With a heavy heart, I cleared away my plate with it’s uneaten dinner and making a lame excuse as to why I could not help with the dishes, I woefully headed up the stairs. I knew what had to be done. Another family coven would have to be held, I would again break open Mr. Piggy Le Bank and plead and bargain yet again with the elder sisters to impart some additional magical charm to now ward off the monster under my bed.

Pick, Friday
(1) key, and (2) empty

Rule: Pick someone from the past (famous, fictional, or personal) that
had an impact on you and somehow incorporate them into your flash (in
addition to using the above words).

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Posted by on May 28, 2010 in Quick Fiction


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