27 May

It was my favorite memento. Besides the fact that it was their last photo, it was the one in which he was glancing sideways at her with that loopy grin on his face, while she, on the other hand, was posing for the camera, trying to look seductive while aloof, with a hint of detachment in regards to his puppy-dog eyes. This was a difficult pose for a 13 year old and anyone with any sense could see through her charade. I mean, if you looked really close, which I had done with my magnifying glass, you could see that they were holding hands for goodness sake.

I knew that their pubescent alliance had blossomed quickly into something …more; as if time itself had already made plans to run out on them . The weeks they had spent in the hospital, going through all those painful, yet so very necessary treatments, had been difficult for them both and they had immediately grasped the fact that, having someone to lean on made all the difference in maintaining a somewhat positive attitude.

The slippery slope on which they slid together had been greased by the devil himself and it angered me that God had not taken the time to intervene more.

When the Make-a-Wish foundation had stepped in and offered them both the trip to Disney, neither her parents nor I could stand in the way of their last chance to be kids, if even for a few short days. Those Micky-Mouse days together had cemented their association into a special and lasting, if you knew that “lasting” could be a relative word, friendship. You could feel their emotions jump out at you when you looked at the photo. They had become forever joined in their futile rebellion of their collective destiny, she with her bald head and defiant eyes and him, the kid with the red cap.

Plot Thickens, Thursday
The kid with the red cap

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