Spring Cleaning

26 May

Spring Cleaning.  She had all that she needed to “get ‘er done”.   She had purchased all the newest and best cleaning tools on the market, the Sham-wows, the Dyson Vacuum, the Swiffer Sweeper, jugs of  Windex and Ajax, spray bottles of Pledge and En-dust and the Smith and Wesson .38.

She would start anew.  First however, she must remove… ALL the trash….. from the top to the bottom.  No nooks or crannies would be safe from her whirlwind.  It was high time that she went into Tasmanian Devil mode and just got the job done.  Way too much time had gone by and she had allowed the mess to grow.  It was her own fault, as he repeatedly told her.  Since she believed everything he said, she had finally reached the conclusion that if she  had brought it in, she could take it out.  Today, yep, today… she had marked it  on her calendar.  She would remove all the dust bunnies, shake out the throw rugs, wax the floors,  polish the silver, change the sheets,  wash the windows,  mop up the blood and  bury the corpse.

The clean-up had been on her mind for the past month.  The planning had been done and since the weather was cooperating, this would be the perfect day.  She could open the windows, let the cleansing breezes blow in, bag up all his belongings and hide all the evidence.

It would probably take all day she thought, so she better get this show on the road.   Today she would free herself from all the clutter in her life. It was all just a matter of using the proper tool for the jobs at hand.

Words, Inc., Wednesday:
(1) dust, and (2) free

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One response to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Beth

    May 26, 2010 at 9:08 am

    OK…. slightly creepy. Something you need to tell us?


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