Harvey’s Chance

23 May

Harvey sat in the corner, on the cool pavement, staring over at the director with a scowl on his everyman’s face.  It had been a long day, with the shoot starting at 5am and he was starting to wonder if he would even get called up before the setting sun ruined the lighting. There had been, in his estimation, way too much down time on this final shot of the day.   Harvey could be very opinionated on a vast array of subjects when he wanted to be and being self taught, Harvey knew about lighting and such like that from reading those Hollywood magazines left in the bus station.

He had been his usual early self, strolling in way before the stars of the movie had even thought about rolling out of their warm beds.   He was ready to get this show on the road and had grown tired of watching the behind the scenes set up.  Feeling that he had been practicing for this moment his entire life, he was at the point that he just wanted someone to yell at him “Get over here ya’ bum.  Here’s your mark. Stand on it and when you hear action, start pushing  the buggy.”   He had actually rehearsed hearing those words in his head for the past week.  He had once been a Boy Scout and he knew you had to be prepared.

Yesterday he had cleaned up his cart, polishing it till it shined and neatly packing it-or so he believed -with his nicest plastic bags of treasures.  It had looked so good in fact that he had added his Billy-club to the front of the cart as a warning to the others “Don’t mess with my shit”.   He had  brought along his water jug, so as not to disturb anyone important, even though the fact of the matter was ,  he was too embarrassed to go up to the beverage cart to get anything.

He was being paid, of course, even if he just sat around doing nothing but wait his turn—for the third day in a row.  Of course the money was important, but it wasn’t the main reason he was here.  He considered his being discovered and well just being chosen at all, an auspicious sign.  Perhaps change was in the wind for him. Yep, living on the streets, had afforded him vast experience in being unobtrusive, so he just sat quietly on the pavement, waiting patiently— not wanting to take any chances of jeopardizing his big chance at stardom.

Thinking Ten-Canvas Challenge

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One response to “Harvey’s Chance

  1. Ann

    May 24, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Very nice, yet again!
    Creative energy that propels us beyond the obvious.


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