As one.

20 May

The hunter watched from afar. He had heard the snapping clang echo off the rocks just seconds before he heard the howl. The wolf had been running hard when she hit the cold metal tongue that detonated the steel teeth and those interlaced razor sharp prongs had brought her to an abrupt and painful stop.

It was an innate sense of self preservation that caused the wolf to leap at the last minute, and her front paws had sailed just inches from the hidden jaws of death. Unfortunately, she had miscalculated the breadth of the trap and upon her landing, a back foot had grazed the super sensitive hair spring and down in a shambles the wolf had fallen. She now lay trapped and in agony. Her mournful cry’s screamed “Help me, I’m alone”.

Glancing over his left shoulder, the hunter could also see the male wolf off in the distance. He was scrambling dead out in response to the agonizing wails coming from his soul mate. The hunter knew that he would arrive quickly and would remain frantic for hours trying to free her. Frustration would set in as night would fall, but he would not leave her. They were mates and mates for life.

In the end the decision would be made to take him down as well or let him be forever wandering and searching long after she was made into pelts. The hunter had no qualms about what was required and in his mind-eye, weighing the scale, what would befall the wolf in his death along side her was an easier path than existence in this tundra alone without her.

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Posted by on May 20, 2010 in Quick Fiction


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