One little Indian..on the road

16 May

I just got back from South Florida.  No, really…I did.  Yes, I know I am supposed to extol all the wondrous things that I discover while I am actually ON the road, but you know what? – this is where you shake your head and your brain responds “No what?   Well, sometimes it’s better to go through something and reflect back than waste time attempting to find something on which to extol.  I do believe that is the case for this last road trip.  Not that there wasn’t a lot of really cool things that could have been explored while out there on the road, but sometimes, you just can’t see the forest for the trees, or in this case, the sand & beach for the concrete.  When one practically lives on top of a beach, the allure is somewhat less than powerful so we found ourselves looking for something to “do” that we  normally didn’t have such ready access to…. and….Yes, we found it.  A casino.  Now don’t roll your eyes and give us that old Southern  Baptist “tsk-tsk, you will go straight to hell” commentary.  I figure that when in Roam (little play on words, did you like it?)  do as the Romans.  So that is what we did.

Now I’m not a gambler, but way back in my ancestry I’ve been told there was an Indian Princess who was like my great (4 or 5 or more times) grandmother.  “Wait”.  you say,  “an Indian Princess”, you say?  ” Well yes, ” I say knowingly, ” that is the rumor”.  “Why are we talking about Indians”, you think to yourself.  Hold on I’m getting to that.

Now before I go any further I have to do a  sidebar commentary in regards to one of my brother-n-laws (legal minded federal agent/retired) who always proposes – whenever this subject comes up –  a very philosophical point of view.  That view goes something like this . Have you ever noticed that when ever anyone says they have Indian blood in their ancestry, that they are Always descended from an Indian Princess?  Never is it proposed that perhaps the said “Princess” could have possibly been just a wanton little Indian “ho”  with a tendency to invite any old cowboy or horse soldier that may have  happened by, into her tepee?  Food for thought there, I must agree.  Said brother-in-law also comments that if the former rather than the latter was true that there was just a heck of a lot of Indian Royalty around in this country way back when.     But I digress..

So we found a casino.  “Indians”, you say, “what about the Indians?”  Well, duh, we are in South Florida and the Seminoles have these casinos, yada yada… .  And you nod, “ok.”  May I go on now?  Perhaps it was ancestral karma that swayed us or again perhaps we were just bored…anyway, out we headed to try our luck.

The casino looms large over the Florida Turnpike, reaching out like the Statue of Liberty.  “Give me your tired, your hungry, your poor… I will make try to make them less tired, less hungry, but gee sorry,  that poor thing… well….”  I didn’t see it exactly,  but I know that was etched on the building somewhere.

We drove in and got the valet parking, as if planning to be carrying huge bags of money out later and walking through a parking lot would just be so , like, UN-cool.  “Sure”, you think and you would be correct in your assessment of the situation.  For in a huge smoke filled room, with big arrowed signs pointing to a mythical Non-Smoking Slots area, we came, we saw and we lost.  Just like the rest of the fools there.  I mean, really,  I came knowing I would lose, (I play the SC lottery for goodness sake as my way of supporting the school system) so that wasn’t a big surprise.   Let me just extol the one thing I noticed about the casino in which we gambled; actually more than one thing.  First, this definitely is not Las Vegas and second,  this definitely isn’t the MGM Grand.  I think in the future that if I am going to throw my money down the drain at least I want to be where there is glitter, razz-a-ma-taz, sparkly lights, great music in the background and at least the offer of  a free soda,  while I  am faithfully feeding my dollar bills into the maws of the all-knowing, sarcastically evil,  ever winking machines.

We didn’t stay long…just long enough to wander around , play some games we didn’t understand, win a little in a short period of time and un-win it in an even shorter period, eat some pretend Cuban food (prepared by Indians) and in general be a “stranger in a strange land”, just like all the rest of the tourists that were there.

I guess the moral of this escapade was that I came, I saw and  I conquered left, not a richer person for sure,  but secure in the knowledge that I was, because of the legacy of that Princess/Ho in my genealogical thread that gave her “all”,  still supporting my Indian heritage.  I’m very good minded about those things, don’t ‘cha think?

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