Frozen Revenge

21 Apr

The whole damn week had been a struggle. The denial, the watching eyes, the sarcastic comments, like she needed any of that. I mean dude, she knew what she looked like. She had to pass the hallway mirror every-single-solitary-morning-noon and night of her life. She knew she had gone to pot, much more figuratively than literally. You just can’t NOT hide from reality.

Nope she was gonna do it this time come hell or high water. She had purposely left out to spoil, tossed out, threw up, gave away and even frozen in huge blocks of ice, any temptations that would keep her from her goal. She had “NO FEAR”, or at least that is what she projected to her staunch supporters as well as those that knew her really well and just shook their heads and rolled their eyes in satirical disbelief.

The text message had come that morning. The biggest shock of her entire 16 years of life. Like, it was the end. He was not taking HER to the lake this weekend. It was over he said. I’ve found my true love he said. I’ve moved on he said. She just wanted to die. Absolutely just die.

Well, she decided, she would just show him. She didn’t care. Her face as well as her body had been good enough to get her this far so they would just have to do for a while.

She looked at her watch. Sitting in the kitchen was like, the pits. Waiting was such a drag. Skulking out to the freezer may not have solved anything but it would make her feel a hell of a lot better.

Bored to tears…and watching the clock. She sighed. If nothing else, at 16, all she had was time. If it took two hours for the block of ice to melt, the first bite of the frozen Hershey chocolate bar would be well worth the wait.    Wednesday:  (1) Chocolate (2) a struggle

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