A sad day.

14 Apr

While it was still early in the evening,  the regulars were beginning to gather in what would be known in the future as “the longest night”.

Tomorrow,  progress would be marching onward and the ball and chains would destroy the last bastion that once had been the center of their worlds.   The annihilation was to begin at 8am sharp and the funeral was to immediately follow along with the  hardcore bemoaning  of the iniquity of  it all that almost caused a riot.  But that was to be tomorrow and that was to be a news  story for another time.

Tonight the wake would be filled with  memories and tall tales. Liquor would loosen many a lip  and the stories would abound with truths, lies and imaginative wishes.  Much had transpired in this place in the fifty years that the Tin Cat Pub had been in business.  Centered at the hub of the five main neighborhoods,  it was truly a kaleidoscope of ethnicity convergence.   Folks fell in love and in lust here.  They cried over their rare good fortunes as hard as they did over  their many  losses. They gave away their daughters to young men they would always begrudge. They agonized over their aging parents and gave silent sighs of relief when their suffering and pain came to an end.  Celebrations of births, bris’s or  baptisms  counteracted  the mourning’s of men, forever lost at sea or women, forever lost in abuse.  It had all happened here and many of  the memories that swirled in the night air were as acrid and  tangible as the smell of  liquor on the breaths of the storytellers.

Back-slapping and hugs, tears and laughter, joy and melancholy reverberated throughout the bar as the diverse ancestry created a mosaic of emotions. Liquor, lots and lots of liquor was just the fuel to keep the fires burning and the history however jaded,  to be recalled.  The revelry would last long into the night yet once the light of dawn began to creep through the smokey windows, the tears would dry and the laughter would cease and the impending loss would hover over the hearts of them all.

The ThinkingTen-  Monday Subject  _  The Tin Cat Pub

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