lucky 3

06 Apr

Time was running out.  If he couldn’t scrounge up the courage to ask her to marry him today, would either one of them still be around next Valentines?

It had to be Valentines, because it had always been Valentines.  Rebbecca had said “yes” immediately and the next thirty years had been a series of slowly moving escalators.  Working steadily, trying  to make it work was the going up and when she would wander (off the reservation, he liked to say) the going down would most often lead them back to counseling.  When she had finally run off for good, he had almost breathed a sigh of relief.

Virginia had taken longer.  She had accepted the ring in the box along with the chocolate heart.  She had eaten the sweets, but hadn’t put the ring  on for a week.  She then never took it off for the next thirty years.  That second batch of years he had been a much happier man.   Yep, Valentines had definitely been lucky for him that go round.

Now it was time to ask May.  They had been shuffling up and down the hall ways now for several years. Old ships passing in the night.  The clinking of their walkers as they casually flirted with each other in the dining room had started to sound like the soft tinkling of wedding bells in his mind.  Her smile just made his day easier and if he was going to live out his life in this institution of aging, at least he could have some company, by God.

He took the ring box out of his bedside drawer and slowly put it in his pocket.  If today wasn’t the day, it never would be, and what did they all say, “third time’s the charm”.

*************************    Tuesdays Subject:  Time was running out.

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