…and counting

05 Apr

It was her nineteenth (19th) week easing open the door.  She hated that she knew that.  Not that she had returned to the hidden cave-like store, but that she was so focused on how many times she had crossed it’s threshold.  She hated her illness and hated even more  the medicine , to which she was subjected, that  didn’t alleviate any of the symptoms.  Obsessive compulsive.  That’s what they called it.  She had to count everything or if the numbers weren’t available, then following the alphabet would do.  Order, order, order.  Everything had to be in order.

She had been coming to Hemlock’s Bookshop for eighteen (18) weeks.  Consecutively of course and always on a Monday.  She had found this unique store in the yellow pages,  page four hundred and twenty-two (422) to be exact.  She had been drawn to the  two (2) x three ( 3)  inch column ad because of their hook,  “We don’t do Dewey”  The thought of not having numbers to follow intrigued her.  Perhaps this could be a project to cure her?  No numbers, no order.  The thought alone had sent a shudder of excitement through her body.  But a cure was not to be, as she discovered upon week one (1), they cataloged their selections alphabetically by Emotions and while that was out of the norm, it didn’t qualify as even close to chaos.

So this was the nineteenth (19th) week and now it was time to gaze over the  precipice of  Aisle “S”.  She had roamed A through R.  Reading a page here and there, cautiously choosing  just the right book for each letter.  To describe her selections as eclectic, was an understatement, to say the least.   She had plodded down  Anger and over into  Guilt,  which were mildly disturbing.  She enjoyed more the avenues of  Happiness & Inspiration  and of course,  Joy through Passion, well those would need a revisit on down the line.  Last weeks “Remorse” had put her in bed for a full day (24 hours) so she was definitely scratching “R” off of her list.  Now it was row “S”, so many choices, so little time .  Sorrow or Sensual?  Satisfaction or Shame?  She strode down the aisle focused and with purpose.  Twenty-four (24) shelves from which to choose, so she started at one (1).

*********************************    Monday-  Hemlock’s Bookshop, row “S”

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