Vibrant and Shocking

31 Mar

She finished painting the last one.  Vibrant and Shocking.  That was the name of the polish.  She had picked it out thinking to herself, that’s a perfect description of me.  Dead on, true to the nth degree.  She had no qualms about herself and her effect on others,  none at all.

The  extreme mini was laid out on the bed along with the smooth,  silk,  black as infinity blouse.  She loved silk.  The way it made her feel.  Rich and powerful when she actually wasn’t either.  Didn’t matter, it was all the way it made you feel.  That was her motto.  She had made it up and  thought that went along well with the vibrant and shocking.  It made her a package.  She blew on her nails, impatient for them to dry so she could finish construction of her persona.  The toes had been done earlier.  Also Vibrant & Shocking.  Five on each finely arched foot, and they peeked out of the three- inch appropriately named peep-toed stilettos.  Damn she thought to herself, she was gonna knock them dead tonight.

She gingerly touched her nails, again.  Finally set and the creating of the creature of  The night began.  It didn’t take her but a second to dress and she was ready.  A final appraisement in the mirror and she knew it was time.  A flash of  her smile and a toss of her hair and tilt of her hip.  Yep, she was ready.  She would stun them into silence with her entrance, of that she was sure.

Suddenly, there was a knock and the door to her bedroom swung open.  “Just where in the hell do you think you’re going looking like that, Missy?”    “Ah, Mom,  but it’s the Prom.

************************************’      Todays Subject:  Silence & Five

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