Finding the Culprit

30 Mar

“I’m never going to finish these last chapters”, she shouted. It had only been a week, despite seeming a lot longer, that she had been stuck deciding on her antagonist. Who would she finally make the murderer; Mabel, the stoic Matriarch of the dynasty or the natural choice, Elmer, the English butler? No, they were just too logical she thought, and of course the butler always did it. The doorbell rang, again. “I’m the one that needs a damn butler”, she thought, “maybe then I could finish this piece of crap.”

She resigned herself and slugged to the door. Eyeballing the peephole, she was disturbed not to see anyone. The doorbell rang again, the deep gong really getting on her last nerve now. Undoing the chains and throwing the locks, she swung the door open in frustration. With a scowling look downward, her eyes met a bright eyed, smiley faced girl, with hands outstretched with a box of cookies. “We’re raising money for our troop”, the little voice squeaked, “this is my last box, can you help”? Um, perhaps Chocolate Mints would help to clear her mind. Help the child, bolster the troop, improve the community, save the world. This girl could be the Messiah we all had been waiting for. Maybe she was the answer to all the questions in the universe. Then again, if not all the questions, maybe only one. A calmness overtook her mind, and she smiled at the littlest scout.

She paid for the Chocolate Mints, knowing she had done a good deed and she headed back to her keyboard, yummy cookies in hand and her sinister culprate vivid in her mind. Green uniform, pen knife grasped tightly in her little fist, angry at those snobs that wouldn’t buy her damn cookies. It was all good.   Tuesday Subject: The Doorbell rang, again.

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Posted by on March 30, 2010 in Fictional thoughts, humor



One response to “Finding the Culprit

  1. bajarrells

    March 30, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Oh great! What’s the world coming to? Evil Girl Scouts? Well, come to think of it, those purveyors of tasty treats are evil incarnate when it comes to calories and the ever growing expanse of my hips!


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