Begin at the beginning.

27 Dec

For some,  the holidays are at an end.    My house however  still wears the embellishments of the season and  they are  up because of  the adage  that proclaims a year of adversity should one dare to disassemble before January 6, the original Epiphany.  The story tells us that the Magi didn’t present their gifts to the New Born King until 12 days after His birth and this is known as the Little Epiphany.  The saga thus related to little children  is that the holiday lights must be kept up until that time,  so that the Magi can find their way.

On a personal note, I like to cover all bases whenever possible.  You see, adversity; I have had enough of,  these  past several years.  Good luck; well one can ever have a sufficient amount of  it and finally,  as far as  procurement of  an epiphany, I am ready for mine in the coming year as well.  I would like to think that something amazing will happen to me in the future months and days.  Wining the lottery, finding the perfect job, meeting great new friends, traveling to wonderfully exciting places or being very realistic and if all else fails,  just finding that I am very  happy about  my life as it is.  The latter is not a bad epiphany considering the alternatives that are out there.  Anyway and henceforth, I am making my stand, we will remain bright and twinkly  for a while longer,  just to be on the safe side.

So we begin the last week of the year.  This is supposedly the time that we all organize our thoughts and start to  begin to plan our New Years Resolutions.  What will we do or cease to do in the coming year that will make us better people?   That is such a tall order.  So tall that most of us fail horribly at resolutions.   I looked up the meaning of the word and pulled up synonyms cited  as;  strong willed, determination, perseverance, mettle, moxie, tenacity and stick-to-itiveness.  Good grief, no wonder we fail.  I mean how many folks have those traits solidly locked  in their personality makeup?  If we did, we wouldn’t be even thinking of having to make resoluations as we would already be perfect.

I propose that instead of New Years’  Resolutions, we make New Years’  “Have a go at” its.   That is pretty basic.  Language that everyone can understand and realistically something that we all can do.  “Having a go at it”  says, “Yep, I’m gonna give it a shot, but if I fail, I’m not going to beat myself up over the fact that I failed.  One can move past, “having a go at it” easier than a resolution.  Failure at a resolution, more often than not,  degenerates into a soul searching, “damn I found another character flaw I didn’t realize that I had”, sort of consequence.   Not completing a , “Having a go at it”, just seems to be a little less conducive of  transformation into  potentially self-degrading type moment lasting several days or longer.  I don’t know about your world, but in my world, I get enough lashing and chastising from outside influences and don’t need to be adding to the brouhaha on a personal level any more than necessary.

So here is the beginning of my “Having a go at it” list for the coming year.  I’m going to have a go at…………………………….

..well, you didn’t think I was going to actually tell you, did you?

I just said this was the beginning of my list, so now I ‘m going to have a go at figuring out what I want and need to put on my list.  How bout you?  Have you begun to begin?

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