…thru a big kids’ eyes.

22 Dec

I’m a summer lovin’  type a gal.  Warm weather, smooth sands, clear blue water, and the ever questing  for the golden tan.  That being said,  when the holidays come around and the chill is in the air my nature begins to  modify .  Something snaps me to attention  and I am forced to admit that I really love this time of year.   The kid in me gets excited.  More important the adult in me gets excited  that my inner kid still exists.  On those dark and dreary worrisome days that happen throughout the rest of the year,we may sometimes feel that the kid is  dead and gone but thankfully during the  holiday season if we haven’t grown too big for our own britches, the we are allowed to realize that he or she has not.

Other than the expected things we enjoy this time of year there are some less obvious that are just added incentives to enjoy the holidays.  Ok, a little elaboration is called for I’m sure.

House cleaning is much easier this time of year.  Yep, the main living areas of the house gets fluffed really good before all the decorations go up and once everything is up well, I’m pretty much  done till everything comes down.  You can’t constantly dust all those trinkets, antique ornaments and sparkly tinseled items that are dripping from everywhere without disturbing the pristine placement upon which I worked so hard.  So I don’t.  Dust, that is.    You also can’t clean the mirrors , as they are covered with either lights, spray snow or both.  The Christmas tree with assorted packages takes over one whole corner of the room and since it is an artificial tree, no need to vacuum up any pesky needles.  Perhaps a quick sweep once or twice to remove the cat hair tumbleweeds may be in order, but other than that, heavy cleaning is pretty much out of the question for the month of December.  This works for me.

Also along this vein, bright reading lights ( which show everything) are off and pretty twinkle lights are on, thus keeping the potential dust buildup, noticeably wise,  to a minimum.

Noshing between meals on really good stuff becomes the norm rather than the exception.  This also really works for me.  Banished from my house are banal chips and  store bought dip and out come the steamed dumpling with sweet and sour cucumber sauce, smooth as silk chicken liver pates, homemade breads with cream cheese and smoked salmon and freshly made holiday salsa with the vibrant colors of the season.  There are bowls of chocolate covered peanuts and salty/spicy/smokey pecans and logs of specialty cheeses and sausages with side dabs of spicy mustard and pepper jelly.  God, don’t you just love it.

We don’t count calories at my house this time of year either.  Not that I count them much any other time of year, but at least I don’t do the counting during the holidays with less guilt than I would normally have, that is if I actually counted the damn things the rest of the year.   It that a hint at an oxymoron, or close to it?   Wonderful food with no countable calories.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

Turtleneck sweaters.  The epitome of a friend to the, shall we say,  more mature woman. Hidden are the neck and arm wattles and we have an excuse to wear the vibrant reds and greens because “it’s the holidays, stupid”.  Plus they are warm and can be bulky enough to hide any temporary bulges brought upon by the aforementioned no countable caloric noshes.

Shopping without guilt.  Well, because you have to and I said so.  Guilt becomes something that you will make a New Years Resolution about.  “I won’t spend so much on Christmas “Next” year”.  See , now you are off the hook for this year and because nobody ever really keeps their New Years Resolutions, you are pretty well covered for next year as well.  Now if you you are the type that does keep your resolutions, don’t worry, because as you age, you tend to forget things, therefore by next Christmas season you will have forgotten your vow not to spend.  The cycle begins again.

Electric blankets.  We get to use them a lot this time of year.  One, I am home more during the holiday season, so can enjoy their warmth and two, I get to snuggle in bed longer in the morning as I really like to manipulate  that whole daylight savings thing and I’m sure that I should be able to sleep a little longer in the winter, everyday, because of  it.  We fell back so get an extra hour in the morning right?  That may or may not make a lot of sense to you, but I happen to have two cats living in my house and they will agree with the premise that electric blankets are just catfabulous and that sleeping in and on top of one  is a good thing so I figured I’m covered on that.

All in all, it’s time to be a kid again.   It’s wintertime.  It’s the holiday season.  We can mask ourselves in bundles of sweaters and swagger through  the malls  in our high heeled boots.  Doesn’t a little chill in the air  put just the right amount of color into everyone’s cheeks  making them look younger and more cheerful.  Ho, Ho. Ho.  I’m all about younger and cheerful too.

Once more we can imagine, dream of sugar plums,  be in awe,  get into the spirit, laugh, giggle, indulge, cast our cares to the winds and just enjoy being alive.  Isn’t that what all kids do?

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