..Highlights and Lowlights

09 Dec

This is the time of year that a lot of people go into an extreme funk.  A black hole of  bah-humbug.  I am no different.  Usually a large piece of chocolate cake with a cold glass of milk will do the trick to get me back in the swing of it all.  Sometimes it takes more.  This time it was gonna take “MORE”.    I needed a fluff-ectomy to remove the cloud of doom and gloom that had settled over my head.  I was tired of feeling like  Eeyore.  Drastic measures were required.

Off I went to see “L”, my Wonder Women, who with her smelly-good shampoo and  magic scissors, could transform Carrot Top into James Bond.  Well maybe I’m pushing the envelop just a bit.  Anyway,   I needed a lift, so she suggested a little trim and some High Lights.  “Works for me,” I stated.  Two hours later,  5 lb’s lighter, (remnants of what looked like a small unidentifiable animal under my chair) and with streaks of  Blond, Gold and Caramel running through  my normal  minimally graying Brunette hair, I felt like a new woman.  Well not exactly new, but hell of a lot better than when I started the day.

Maybe that is what we need more of  in the world, Highlights.     Put a spot light on only  the best and brightest in our lives.  Down with the doom and gloom.  Nip that blue funk in the bud.  What can one do on a personal level?   Just take it a step at a time and see where we are at the end of the day.

Let’s just start with the basics.  Tomorrow is the day.  OK, Ready?  Lights, Camera, Action !

Right off the bat, don’t set the alarm clock tonight.    No dinging, buzzing, beeping or heavy metal music to jolt you outta your dreams. No depressing Country & Western I’m gonna rip out your heart cause your dog died songs allowed either.  Wake up naturally, calmly.  Sigh, sounds like a good start doesn’t it.

Once up, don’t even pick up  your local  Newspaper.  Don’t need to hear about the local job loss, business closings or who shot  whom “and they were good friends”  etc.  Going on line to check your email?  Ok, but  no  Drudge,  NY Times,  or Washington Post.   We are tired of hearing about climate changes, the economy,  infertile Pandas  and Tiger Woods.

Don’t turn on the daily morning shows, or Fox News or CNN.  Screaming pundits  strictly verboten in a Highlighted world.  For breakfast?  Go where your hunger takes you.  Do not read the labels on any packages of cereal nor can you  check for bug spray on your oranges or additives in your bacon.  Have a long hot shower.  To Hell with conserving energy.  Now go to work.

Enjoy your drive to work.  Turn the Satellite  radio jazz  station up loud.  Drown out the car next to you.  Their drums may thump louder so show them just how good Kenny G can sound.  That’s right.. Now you’re getting into the swing of it.

Get into work.  Sell your wares, promote your ideas, call those accounts.  Do what you do best and enjoy it for a change.  Remember the thrill of the first day when it’s was all new and you weren’t supposed to know everything. Your work motto  should always be “Illegitimi non carborundum”.  Remember we are finding the Highlights not the Low Lights.

Come home from your busy and enlightening day.  Hug the ones you love.  Then hug them again.  If you can’t hug them, then call them.  If you can’t call them, take a moment of silence and remember them.  Take a second to think about your friends too.  The few or the many.  If they are important in your life, let them know.

At the end of the day, be thankful. Thank the One who made it happen.  Be appreciative for what you have and for what you have not.  Realize that while there are many that have more,  there are those that have less and be thankful for where ever  you fit,  in the scheme of  it all.

Take your Highlights, however many that you can realize, put them on display and make them shine for you.   Don’t let them get buried in familiarity or assumption.  They are yours, they are vital and they, bottom line, will keep you smiling.

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One response to “..Highlights and Lowlights

  1. bajarrells

    December 9, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    You, my friend…..are one of my biggest highlights!


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