..Time. Our greatest asset

06 Dec

Some folks go through their lives wasting time  with cautious thoughts, anxious  decisions and frugal appetites.  I admit that I have tread with care too often while weaving through this maze we call  life.  One tries mightily not to hit too many pot holes, dent too many fenders or end up in too many ditches, but sometimes the right thing to do is just  hit that  gas pedal  and  go.  Yep, take your foot off the brake and make the run for it.  Don’t hold back, get out there, take a stand and go with your gut.  Make the most of every second.   They say life is short, and if you don’t believe it, well I’m just too much of a Southerner to tell you what a fool  you are.

This poses the question, what is the best way to spend your time?   Anxious and overly frugal or lively and large?   I ask these questions of you only because  I am asking them of myself.

I’m in a profession that like so many others is on again, off again.  Feast or famine.  Make good money in a short expanse, then you best squirrel it away  for the lean times.  That is the motto of so many folks  that I have had the pleasure to work with over the past several years..  With the economy in the toilet, many look back at the boom periods  and lament the “things” bought, the  “places” seen or the “investments” gambled upon. ” If only I hadn’t done…. , gone there and spent …., purchased that bigger…., then it would all be better.”    How devastating remorse can play on ones’  spirit.

What if you applied this theory to how you spend your time?  When the opportunity of  taking a chance came around, what if you hadn’t grabbed at it?   Where would you  be now?  Doing without  this,  never having experienced that or living with regret for not standing up, giving it your all  and Poking the Bear?    Time unlike money, cannot be put in a suitcase under the mattress, saved for the future.  The just in case fund.   I wasted yesterday but I’ll make up for it tomorrow, just really doesn’t work all that well.

I propose making time our  most important asset.    Not that we are going to do wondrous and vital to mankind things every minute of every day.  Not hardly.  What I mean is that taking total appreciation of  how one spends the day, should take top priority.  If you are working on a project, make every second valuable to it’s  true purpose.  If you are preparing  for time spent with your family, put your total soul into it.  If you are committing to a new endeavor, envelope the concept with your heart as well as your mind.   Things done in a cursory manner tell the tale in the final result.   If time is our most valuable asset, shouldn’t it be handled with the utmost care and given our full attention while we spend it?

We all face the  dreaded “white space” of the future.  How shall we  color our days?  Shall we paint them with vibrant animation or with humdrum inertia?   Assets should always be  employed  to their highest and best use.  Time is no exception.

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One response to “..Time. Our greatest asset

  1. bajarrells

    December 6, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Sure and true words. The trick is doing it because like most things, it takes effort and action. Standing up is easy, moving forward can cause many a conflict. However, conflict makes you feel alive!


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