..transitions, dreams or reality checks.

03 Dec

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I ask myself that question every morning.  If you don’t, then you should.  If you are not asking the question, then I pose this one?  Are you that narcissistic that you believe your life is perfect?  Now don’t puff up and get all out of sorts.   It’s just an observation.

I just wonder if it is ever alright to stop striving, questioning, changing or exploring the possibilities.  If your life is not pulsating with some sort of transition then I feel for you.  Not really sorry, but I do feel, well something.  Perhaps an affinity towards incredulity would best fit the ticket.  Nothing ever stays the same and do I hear the word “denial” being bandied about?

People talk of making the transition from here to there.  Is “there” really all it is ever cracked up to  be?  I wonder.  Perhaps we spend too much time trying to keep the eye on the ball and in the process miss the rest.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Wanting to change things for the better, improve ones lot in life, move from a bad situation to a better one, all are things worth doing.  But in the so called transition, do we often  miss the trees in the forest, or perhaps trample over and destroy some of the finely nurtured fairways just to get to the green.

This rush to get “there” starts in childhood.  Remember when you were little, yes for some, you have to force that ole brain to work a little harder, but stay with me now.  When you were young you always wanted to be older.  Say 7.  Yes, old enough to go to school.  Just like your siblings.  That’s really cool.  Hah, then you got in school and damn, you had to learn stuff.  Homework and tests.  Nuns with rulers to smack your fingers. It wasn’t recess all day long.  What a bust.

Then you wanted to be older.  Say 16.  Get that drivers license.  Wow.  Then you finally had it.  Double Wow.  However, your older brothers and sisters always had the car so you never got to drive anyway.  If by chance you did get to drive, it was only in the day time cause you were too young to be out late.  So big whoop, you get to drive to school.  Dang.

Ya just need to be older…Say 21.  Now that’s a great age.  Out of school,  but wait, what ‘cha mean I have to get a real full time job?  Pay for my own car and the insurance on it.  A roof over my head plus buy food too?  Who’s gonna do my laundry?  This just is getting to be the pits…and so it goes.

Well, you get the picture… so we get older, 30,40,50 etc… We are either constantly striving for something or have gotten ourselves so bogged down in the hum drum that we are bored to tears in our own life.

Those that strive to be “successful” often overlook their families.  Those that wish to be “Super Moms” at times  induce aversions of entire neighborhoods.  Those that go out to conquer the world, well does “Hitler” ring a bell.   See what I mean, sometimes transitions just go over the top.

I mean here I am typing my little heart out and thinking,  “I believe I may want to be a writer”.  When, slapping my forehead, what in the heck do I think I’m doing.  Yeah, I know, it really isn’t all that great or earth shattering, but at least it’s mine, on paper, done  with my ten little fingers.

So am I in transition, or have I arrived?  Is this following a dream or just a reality check.  I guess that in the process of moving forward, one best take the time in the present to enjoy the process.  Change for changes sake is sometimes not a waste of energy, but I guess while I’m on my way to conquering the world, I’ll just take my own sweet time, not trample too many folks along the way and try not to embarrass myself too badly. Although at this stage of the game, I realize that the reality sometimes is just as much fun as the dreaming.


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2 responses to “..transitions, dreams or reality checks.

  1. bajarrells

    December 4, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    There is no “there”, because once we arrive boredom sets in and we look for a new there. That’s why it’s called a horizon. It’s a place you never actually arrive at and the journey is the most fun!

    • Mwhittle

      December 4, 2009 at 8:22 pm

      Exactly. The Journey IS the thing.


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