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09 Nov

So now we get to drive for a couple of hours and we are tracking Northwest up thru the valley and around the northern tip of the Salt Lake…and it changes.  The golden and red leaved trees start to disappear and now in addition to the spacious sky’s and purple mountains I have been dazzled by, I am  rolling thru amber waves of grain.  At least I think it could be grain?   Plains  and hills and valleys the color of our summer sand.  Miles upon miles.  Nope we don’t have anything like this either back in South Carolina.  The hills, and I use that term loosely here, remind me of the  sloping Blue Ridge, only they’re naked.  Not a tree in sight, only the bare sandy grasses bowing with the breeze.  It’s amazing.  Now I could go on waxing about the wonders, but you would tire rapidly and move on to other things.  So I will stop and just point out a few things I noticed in addition to the beauty of the day.

When I drive ,I love my satellite radio.  Bunches of stations and I listen to about 2, but that is beside the point.  Out here, sans satellite  radio, well, I’m almost wishing for static.  You have multiple channels but I could only find  Heavy Metal and Country. Not really my cup of tea.   I tried to scan for some smooth jazz or something with a little New Orleans pick me up, but nothing.  Aerosmith or Randy Travis.   I mean, what a mix.    Rhythm and Blues or better yet, Beach Music,  yea right, in my dreams.  Note:  Must pick up some CD’s.

We stop for a quick-lunch where the interstate roads split, as looking at the map, it seemed pretty “out there” till the next convergence of civilization.  I  kept looking for the “Last Gas” signs but they must figure everyone out here knows the deal.  There aren’t many of us Southerners roaming them thar hills I reckon. 

We roll for a good while, steadily climbing and the landscape is starting to morph again.  Now there are more scrub trees and rocks.  Wait I see a sign up ahead.  Actually they come fast and close together.  The first one says “Dust Storms Possible- Don’t stop on roadway.”  WHAAT?  This isn’t the Sahara?  Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? This does not bode well, me thinks.   Not a mile down the road comes the second one,  “GAME MIGRATION AREA-NEXT TEN MILES”.   Good God, Have I swung down to the Serengeti?  Are their herds of Gnu’s and Zebra heading over the next hill towards me?  What is this place?  

Next sign looming up,  “DEER HERD CROSSING AHEAD” .  Now I don’t know about where you are from, but in my neck of South Carolina we have these little signs of a deer leaping upward, and you have to keep an eye out for them and their little (read 1 to 4 deerlettes) families mostly at dawn and dusk as they frolic across the roads.  But good grief,  whole Herds of them, with their own special crossing areas.  I mean come on, whose leg are you pulling.  You must think I’m from the South or something.  This  sorta reminded me with I was heading up to Maine with my sisters and mother on an adventure a number of years ago, trust me 4 women in a rental car is always an adventure.  Anyway, we were driving to Maine coming thru New Hampshire  from in the White Mountains late in the day and we stopped for a break.  The New Hampshirian, noticing our rental car, says  ” you know the Moose don’t come out of the forest till ’bout 5pm and you just missed ‘um,  so if you want to see them you can ride back up the mountain.”  Right, we were gonna do that…Note:  this was before my Buffalo searching days.   Theres a sucker born every second right?

So out here they have Dust Storms, Migrating Game and Herds of Deer all within a 10 or so mile stretch of highway.  Oh, I forgot the “Put your Chains on here” signs.  Nope ,we aren’t in South Carolina any more my little chickadee…. 

Wait another sign up coming up fast.  Big Arrows Pointing into the distance,   City of  Rocks, Idaho.   Wait, we have one of those , Rock City, Tennessee.   Hum, could it be?  Tourist traps ahead?    Maybe Southerners and Westerners aren’t so different after all.

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