…friends, gotta have ‘um

28 Oct

I decided that I would start this early.  Gets much past 9pm and it seems as if my bed is calling to me.  It says nasty things.  You’re gonna be sorry if you don’t get your self  in here.  So I will indulge my bed so that it won’t take revenge and get lumpy on me.  Ready….?

You know what?  Your friends are the windows into yourself.  I just thought of that but I think that it’s really true.  If you think about it, you may not agree with me at first but maybe if you ponder a while, and Lord knows, pondering can be good for you, the idea might come to be seen as a truth.

Most people have friends.  Some more than others.  Some folks are pretty particular who they even associate with much less call friend.  I tend to think I  lean more towards that too.  I know a lot of people.  Some that I associate with because it’s my choice, some I’ve had to associate with because it’s someone else’s  choice.  I pretty much prefer the former rather than the latter.  Some I have associated with over the years have become my friends.  I would like to think I cherish each and every one of them, but for the most part they aren’t that cherishable.  But they are my friends none the less.  I’ll tell you about a just a few of them.  Mainly cause there are only a few of them.  I can be very selective, and for the most part so can they.  I think we have all chosen pretty wisely and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

I’ll tell you about one of my friends, probably the #1 on my Current List. Now don’t get all persnickety.  I’m sure your list of friends changes sometimes too.  If one of them drifts off for a while on some tangent of their own, you just shuffle the list up until the wanderer settles back into your life and into their  rightful place.  You know what I mean.  Anyway, back to my friend.  I have a particular fondness for the word snorky.  I tried looking it up in the dictionary but it wasn’t there so I guess I’ll have to explain it.  Snorky means having a wicked sense of humor and the ability to use it quickly and effectively to put someone who is being shall we say, unruly,  in their proper place and have them wonder what in the hell just happened.  Well my friend of whom I write, is truly a snorkyness expert.  I have watched her bring someone to their knees, unfortunately only figuratively, in a New York  minute with a retort that would make a weak man cry if he understood what just hit him.  The neat thing about snorkinessism, is that only few sarcastic leaning personality types can hear the inflection and decode the words and understand what a grand  moment has just occurred.  Since I can at times  list  into a sarcastic mode, I really appreciate a grand snork.  Those of you that lean that way are probably nodding , yep, at this very moment and the rest of you are squinching up your nose and saying huh?  There are a lot of people in this world that at times need to be put in their proper places and I’m proud to have a friend who is an expert.

I have another friend.  She cooks.  Matter of fact she is Mrs. Pillsbury disguised at this point in time as a student.  She is going back to school for something or other and I don’t get to see her much, and sadly I don’t get to eat the goodies that she bakes.   In this day and age, of everything instant and fake,  well just the thought of something real,  made  with time staking care and  attention, well it almost makes you want to cry.  I think with all the troubles in the world today, well by God, we just need more cake.   It may not be the best thing in the world for your body, but it is awfully good for your soul.  Something about a warm cupcake and a glass of milk makes you want to slow down, take a load off and just reflect.  I’m glad she is my friend.  She gives herself  to others in the warm things she bakes.  She is good for my soul.  It makes me smile and reflect , just thinking about her and her cakes.  Doesn’t it make you smile too?

I’ll just mention one more friend.  Yes, I have more than three but you are getting tired and so am I.  This friend is actually a friend by association.  He was originally my husbands friend, but I made  him one of mine too.  He is a big  bear of a guy and when he laughs the air around him laughs too.  He is funny and sarcastic and snorky and kind,  all rolled into one.  No, I do not know if he bakes cakes.  What he does is, well, he just does being a friend back, very well.  And that can be very important when your world seems upside down, and you just need to hear a kind voice.  He is of the friend nature that while  contact can be lost for many years, when the going got tough  he was only a phone call away.  That was nice.  Actually it was more than that.    He is  my husbands friend, but I get to call him mine also.

I hope my premise of friends being a window into who we are is true.  I would like to think that at times I can be snorky, kind, funny, a friend someone can count on and good for ones soul.  Those are things we should all strive to be.  Maybe I’m not there, but I can work on it can’t I.

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One response to “…friends, gotta have ‘um

  1. bajarrells

    October 29, 2009 at 6:48 am

    Friends come in all shapes and sizes, but there is no better friend in the world than you. You’re the best!



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